3 sisters over 100 years of age share their reasons for a long and healthy life

Many of us want to know the secrets to a longer life. While we all try our best to take care of our health, it seems there's more to living for a long time than just that. But one way to really try to understand the inside scoop on living a long time is by looking at those who have actually done it. And there is one group of sisters from Kansas, USA, who are particularly interesting in terms of living to an old age.
104-year-old Julia Kopriva, 102-year-old Lucy Pochop, and the baby, 100-year-old Frances Kompus are a truly remarkable set of siblings. But as the youngest of the three, Kompus believes their shared life longevity is no coincidence, as she followed in her sisters' footsteps and took their advice. Now, the three sisters have shared their secrets with the world!
Hard work
All three of the sisters grew up working on their family farm in Beardsley, Kansas. "My father didn’t have modern tractors. We took gas, gasoline out in the field in 5-gallon buckets," Kopriva told KSN. They even undertook a two-mile trek to their school each and every day, keeping them fit from a young age.
Eating good
All three of the sisters shared a passion for good, wholesome food. Their meals were all made from scratch, often from the spoils of their farm. "We didn’t ever eat fancy, but we ate good food," Kompus explained. She believes eating well to be one of the reasons for her impressive age!
Staying social
The sisters also credit an active social life with their old age. "Keep going," Kompus stated. She also believes trying to remain active, even just through walking, is absolutely essential.
Keeping the faith
Another secret the sisters shared was their belief in god. "I think faith comes first!" Kopriva admitted. This faith helps them to find meaning in their lives, plus makes them less afraid of what comes after.
Having each other
One of the sweetest reasons the sisters give for their long lives is their relationships with one another. The three have always been close, but have really relied on each other since becoming widows. They hang out and play games with each other every night. "They just got together and they’ve been their support for each other, forever," Kompus’ daughter, Fran Allacher confided.
The three sisters also made sure to support each other when they were younger, too. They always shared the responsibilities of raising their families, meaning none of them ever felt alone in the world. Pochop’s daughter, Valyne, explained that, "they've always been involved in each other’s lives."
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