10 ways to prevent vertigo

Vertigo is a spinning sensation that some people experience. It can be caused by crystal build-up on the inner ear, migraine headaches or some other medical issues. If the vertigo is severe enough, nausea and vomiting may result.
Once vertigo has hit, you might try specific maneuvers to alleviate it, but preventing the onset is better. Here are 10 ways you can try to prevent vertigo before it starts.
1. Practice yoga. According to Healthline, practicing meditation and stretching may help. Yoga and tai chi are two forms of relaxation that are recommended and can be done easily at home.
2. Control blood pressure. Emedicinehealth reminds you that high blood pressure may create a vertigo episode, so keeping your blood pressure under control is important.
3. Avoid sudden movements. If inner ear crystals are the cause of your vertigo, VERTIGO TREATMENT says to avoid sudden movements as they will cause the feeling of "roller coaster" motion.
4. Avoid caffeine. Medical News Today recommends avoiding caffeine. This will help with controlling your high blood pressure as well.
5. Get sleep. Not getting enough sleep may trigger a vertigo episode, so Healthline reminds you to make sure you get plenty of rest.
6. Don't smoke. According to emedicinehealth, smoking makes vertigo worse and increases risks of episodes. Stop smoking if vertigo is an issue for you.
7. Don't drink. Because alcohol can mess with your sense of balance, Healthline recommends avoiding it altogether.
8. Avoid chocolate. Chocolate may be a woman's best friend, but Medical News Today recommends avoiding it because it contains caffeine which can make vertigo worse.
9. Hydrate. VERTIGO TREATMENT says to make sure you drink plenty of water. Water affects your blood pressure, and it may also help with your vertigo.

10. Try acupuncture. There is no guarantee this works, but VERTIGO TREATMENT says you may want to give it a try. Acupuncture does seem to help some people with their vertigo.
Don't just resign yourself to suffering through a spinning world. See if these tips can help you control your vertigo.

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