Sunflower seeds can nourish your body as well as these 6+ other health benefits

Sunflower seeds are nestled in the center of the sunflower. The tiny black and white seed, once shelled produces a very small, yet nutritious, food item. One cup of sunflower seeds is only 170 calories, allowing you to eat a number of seeds without having to worry about your weight.
Besides being healthy for you because it's a seed, sunflower seeds are powerhouses of vitamins and minerals that help with so much more than just keeping your body going. Here are 6+ health benefits from eating sunflower seeds.
1. Builds and protects DNA. LIVESTRONG states that sunflower seeds contain folate, a B vitamin that is responsible for building DNA and RNA. It also helps protect DNA against damage.
2. Keeps you regular. High in fiber, Healthline recommends eating sunflower seeds to keep you regular. The fiber will also help manage your blood sugar and may help you lose weight by making you feel full longer.
3. Builds muscle. According to LIVESTRONG, the seeds are high in protein which is critical for building and maintaining muscle mass.
4. Helps with cell structure. Choline is a nutrient which, according to Food & Nutrition, helps create healthy cell structures and promotes brain and memory development in fetuses.
5. Heals wounds. Pantothenic acid is a vitamin B that Healthline states helps promote wound healing.
6. Lowers cholesterol. Food & Nutrition shares that sunflower seeds are high in unsaturated fats. According to LIVESTRONG, the high unsaturated fats means that HDL increases and LDL decreases.
7. Creates red blood cells. Iron is what drives red blood cell production, and Healthline states that sunflower seeds are high in iron.
With so many benefits to these seeds, you might want to start packing them for a snack in your lunch.
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