If you are experiencing any of these 6+ symptoms you may have a kidney stone

Kidney stones are no laughing matter. The Mayo Clinic states that they are made up of salts and minerals that are deposited in the kidneys. Often, people will pass these "stones" on their own without any damage to themselves. If a stone should get lodged in the urinary tract, surgery may be needed to take care of it.
Some people may never know they have a kidney stone until they get ready to pass it. Others may exhibit any number of symptoms. Here are 6+ symptoms that may indicate you have a kidney stone.
1. Pain. Those who have kidney stones often complain of pain in the back and side below their ribs. According to the Mayo Clinic, this pain may radiate to the lower abdominal region and groin. It may also come in waves or fluctuate in intensity.
2. Urine changes. Healthline states that urine may appear to be pink, red or brown due to blood in it. It may also appear cloudy or smell bad.
3. Urination changes. According to Medical News Today, sufferers often have pain while urinating. They feel a need to urinate more frequently, yet void less with each urination.
4. Nausea. MedicineNet says that nausea may accompany kidney stones.
5. Vomiting. Some, according to the Mayo Clinic, will move beyond nausea to actually vomiting.
6. Fever. Medical News Today states that people report running a fever with the kidney stones. Healthline states that the fever generally runs from 100.4˚F (38˚C) and higher.
7. Chills. Chills may also accompany the kidney stones. These may be due to the fever. Healtline states that the fever and chills may indicate that you have an infection and should seek medical attention.
Kidney stones are extremely painful. If you suspect you have one, see your doctor to find out what steps you should be taking to make the process as painless as possible.
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