6+ signs that you may have Crohn's disease

Crohn's Disease is caused by chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. It's part of the family of irritable bowl diseases, and primarily affects the "end of the small bowel and the beginning of the colon" and anywhere along the GI tract.
In order to know if you have Crohn's Disease, you must be tested and diagnosed by a physician. A number of tell-tale signs can help point to whether you might be suffering from Crohn's Disease and should seek a physician's help. Here are 6+ signs you may be suffering from Crohn's.
1. Diarrhea. According to the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation, unexplained and persistent diarrhea should raise warning flags that something is awry.
2. Weight loss. WebMD states that sudden weight loss that wasn't planned or intended is an indication that something isn't right.
3. Fatigue. Because of diarrhea and weight loss, Crohn's & Colitis says that sufferers may experience fatigue or feel like they have no energy.
4. Bloody stool. Because Crohn's Disease is an inflammation of the GI area, the Mayo Clinic states that tears may happen in the rectum, causing blood to be passed in the stool.
5. Fever. According to WebMD, fever may also accompany the above symptoms.
6. Appetite loss. A loss of appetite is a common symptom, according to Crohn's & Colitis.
7. Cramps. Crohn's and Colitis Foundation states that stomach cramps and abdominal pain and discomfort may also be experienced.
8. Mouth Sores. The Mayo Clinic says that mouth sores may also be part of Crohn's Disease's side effects.
If you or someone you love is suffering from any of these symptoms, make an appointment with your doctor to find out what is going on.
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