6+ dangers you need to consider before choosing to do a colon cleanse

Colon cleansing has been around since ancient times and comes into and falls out of favor with the public. In a colon cleanse, fluid is flushed through the rectum and into the colon through a tube. The fluid may be plain water or contain coffee or other herbs.
The idea behind the cleanse is the it will flush toxins out of the colon. Unfortunately, the science is faulty. WebMD reports that the colon is designed to remove toxins from the food you eat. That's its purpose. Flushing the colon does not help, but it may prove to be dangerous. Here are 6+ dangers you should be aware of before you consider getting a colon cleanse.
1. Dehydration. According to the Mayo Clinic, the most common problem seen with colon cleansing is dehydration.
2. Electrolyte imbalance. A second major problem with colon cleansing, according to The Journal of Family Practice, is electrolyte imbalances. Often, a colon cleanse results in diarrhea and vomiting which help lead to this imbalance.
3. Aplastic anemia. WebMD states that some develop aplastic anemia, a problem where the bone marrow can't produce enough new blood cells.
4. Infection. Since the colon cleanse is flushing out the colon, it removes the bacteria that's contained there. Healthline reminds people that bacteria is not always bad. Your body requires bacteria to help break down and digest food. By flushing it out, you may cause a bacterial imbalance and resulting infections.
5. Kidney failure. The Journal of Family Practice states that some people end up going into renal (kidney) failure, a more extreme side effect, as a result of the cleanse.
6. Liver toxicity. Developing liver toxicity is also a possibility, according to WebMD.
7. Rectal tear. Because a tube is inserted into the rectum, Healthline reminds people that rectal tears or perforations happen, allowing fluid to pass through the walls of the rectum and letting bacteria escape into the abdominal cavity. This often results in infection.
8. Death. The most serious side effect mentioned by the Mayo Clinic is death. Several deaths have been directly linked to doing colon cleanses, so be cautious.
Although colon cleansing may be trending, before you decide to try one, you need to consider the risks you will be taking without having any benefits.

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