7+ early warning symptoms of a stoke that should not be ignored

According to World Stroke Campaign, 6.2 million people across the globe die from strokes every year. The American Academy of Neurology states that most of the time, stroke victims suffer a transient ischemic attack (TIA) before the real stroke. Generally, a TIA doesn't do any harm to the brain.
If the TIA is noticed and treated early, the actual stroke and damage can be avoided. TIA's exhibit the same symptoms as regular strokes, making them easy to recognize. Treating a stroke quickly also helps minimize the damage. Here are 7+ warning signs you or someone you love may have suffered a TIA or stroke.
1. Numbness. WebMD reports that numbness in any part of the body is a sign that a stroke may have happened. The most common areas to be affected are the face, arms and legs and generally just one side of the body.
2. Pins and needles. According to Medicinenet, the tingling sensation, or pins and needles feeling, in any part of the body could indicate that a stroke has happened.
3. Blurry vision.The Internet Stroke Center states that any change in vision or blurriness in one eye or both could be an indication of a stroke.
4. Speech. Slurred speech or incoherent speech, according to WebMD, may indicate that a stroke has occured.
5. Memory. Medicinenet reports that strokes may affect a person's memory, so someone who is struggling to remember simple things may need to be seen.
6. Confusion. Confusion or trouble processing what others are saying is often an indication of a stroke, according to WebMD.
7. Dizziness. The Internet Stroke Center says that strokes can affect a person's balance, making walking or standing difficult. Even a loss of coordination may be noticed.
8. Headache. The Internet Stroke Center states that a sudden, severe headache that is unlike one you have ever had before could be a sign of a stroke.
If these symptoms manifest themselves, don't waste any time. See a doctor and get checked for a stroke. Early treatment may keep any permanent damage from happening.
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