8+ health benefits to consuming turmeric

Turmeric - is it really medicine's new gold? A lot of hype surrounds this golden spice, but how much of it is true? Will it really work on all sorts of medical issues? The answer is both yes and no.
Medical News Today shares that the key ingredient in turmeric that helps with all kinds of ailments is called curcumin. The regular spice used in food only consists of about 3 percent curcumin, meaning you won't get much relief by simply adding the spice to your food. Healthline recommends taking turmeric extract which is concentrated in curcumin to get any sort of noticeable relief. You need to take black pepper with the turmeric extract in order to get it to absorb. See how you can benefit 8+ ways from consuming turmeric.
1. Anti-inflammatory. One of the top things turmeric is used for is reducing inflammation that results in arthritis, according to Prevention.
2. Pain relief. Medical News Today states that consuming 800 mg of turmeric extract a day may help relieve knee and joint pain.
3. PMS. For those who suffer from pre-menstrual syndrom, WebMD says to try turmeric capsules. It may help alleviate symptoms and reduce the discomfort of cramps.
4. Anti-oxidant. People are constantly looking for a way to stave off cancer. Healthline shares that curcumin is high in anti-oxidants, protecting consumers from free radicals.
5. Virus fighter. Curcumin appears to show some ability to stave off certain viruses like the flu and herpes, according to WebMD.
6. Memory. Prevention states that curcumin may help increase brain and memory function. Healthline states that it increases the brains "brain-derived neurotrophic factors," helping slow things like Alzheimer's.
7. Depression. Although research contains mixed results, WebMD states that scientists and doctors are exploring whether curcumin can help with depression.
8. Heart disease. Consuming curcumin may help lower your risk of heart disease, according to Healthline. WebMD also states that curcumin helps lower LDL, helping your body defend itself against heart attacks and strokes.
9. Type 2 diabetes. Curcumin helps stabilize blood sugar, making it something to try if you suffer from type 2 diabetes, says WebMD.
Turmeric may not be a cure-all, but it definitely shows lots of promise for staying healthy. Taking capsules with turmeric extract appears to be the best way to get the curcumin into your body, but since it tastes so good, adding it to food can't hurt.
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