7+ healthy benefits of drinking warm water that you should know about

There's nothing more refreshing as a glass of ice-cold water on a hot summer day -- or is there? Although most people seem to crave cold drinks in the heat, are you doing your body more harm than good with a chilled beverage?
Drinking warm or hot water has a surprising number of health benefits. Check out these 7+ profits from drinking warm water. You may find yourself craving the heat and swearing off of iced-water altogether.
1. Lose weight. Who doesn't like having help when trying to lose weight? Medical News Today shares that by drinking cold water before a meal, you slow down your metabolism, making weight loss harder. By drinking your water at your body's temperature, you can increase your metabolism by 12 percent.
2. Relieve constipation. Sometimes constipation is caused by dehydration. Drinking water helps you address the dehydration problem, and Healthline shares that drinking warm water causes your intestines to contract, aiding in constipation relief even more.
3. Aids digestion. By consuming hot water, MSN shares that it helps your stomach with digestion. It also helps food and waste pass through your intestines easier.
4. Reduces stress. There's something soothing about warm beverages, and Medical News Today states that hot water is no different. The warmth appears to lessen anxiety in those who drink it.
5. Calms nervous system. Healthline reports that studies show that warm water soothes the central nervous system, helping those who suffer from arthritic pain. It may also keeps you from being as jumpy or anxious.
6. Improves circulation. The heat from the cup helps warm your hands, but Medical Daily shares that drinking it also helps relax tight muscles and expands your arteries and veins. All of this adds up to better circulation throughout your core.
7. Reduces pain. MSN reports that drinking hot water appears to help relieve headaches and lessen the aches and pains of the body. One reason might be because it causes tight muscles to relax.
8. Detoxes body. Many people try cleanses, trying to get toxins out of their body. Medical Daily shares that hot water works as a detox by simply raising your body's temperature, causing impurities to be sweated out. It's much safer than any other form of detox.
9. Clears nasal congestion. When suffering from a stuffy nose or sore throat, Healthline shares that drinking hot water may help. The steam can be inhaled to help relieve congestion, and the hot drink is soothing to a raw throat.
With so many benefits from drinking warm water, who really wants to add ice?

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