Stop suffering from muscle cramps and try these 5+ home remedies

Muscle cramps are a rather common phenomenon that occur while sitting, working out or sleeping. The cause for muscle cramps are varied: Reactions to medicine, dehydration and overuse of a muscle are just a few causes.
Leg cramps are among some of the most common, and when a cramp hits, you need fast relief. The best solution is to try to prevent getting leg cramps to begin with. Learn 7+ ways to quickly treat or prevent annoying leg cramps.
1. Stretch. To prevent muscle cramps, WebMD says to stretch out the muscles before exercise and gently warm them up. If a cramp hits while exercising or resting, gently massage and stretch the muscles.
2. Exercise. To avoid leg cramps due to overexertion, Prevention says to exercise and build muscle strength.
3. Heat. If a cramp hits, grab a hot water bottle or heating pad and apply it to the cramp, recommends best health.
4. Wintergreen oil. Wintergreen oil warms the muscles, increasing the flow of blood to the area. It also helps relax the muscles. Best health says to combine 1 part of wintergreen oil to 4 parts vegetable oil, and rub the mixture into the cramp.
5. Potassium. Electrolytes are important to muscle health, especially when exercising. says to be sure you're getting plenty of potassium and other electrolytes. Eat a banana or drink sports drinks.
6. Dehydration. Mayo Clinic reminds people that sometimes cramps occur because of dehydration. Prevention recommends that women drink about nine cups of fluids a day; men should drink about 13 cups, depending on other factors such as eating habits and activity level, to name a few.
7. Calcium and magnesium. Low blood calcium and magnesium may be the culprits, according to Drink more milk and eat more dairy products. You may also want to try taking magnesium supplements.
If you suffer from leg cramps, try these remedies to see if you can eliminate your suffering.
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