Manage a sprain by trying one of these 6+ home remedies

As you go through life, injuries happen. You may sprain a wrist or an ankle. Trips to the emergency room and doctors can be really expensive, so knowing how to successfully treat them at home can save you both time and money.
If you can't put any weight on your sprain or move the joint, be sure to see a doctor as that might be a sign of something more serious than just a sprain. For the "simple" sprain, here are 7 simple things you can do to help your body heal quickly and effectively.
1. Rest. One of the first things you need to do for a sprain is to rest the injured site, according to the Mayo Clinic, giving the muscle a chance to heal without further use.
2. Ice and heat. As soon as possible, the Mayo Clinic recommends applying ice to the injury. Apply the ice for 15 to 20 minutes. Repeat this every two to three hours for the first day. After that, you may want to use heat. The ice reduces swelling by constricting the flow of blood. After the initial injury is past, you can use the heat to encourage a healthy blood supply to help heal the injury.
3. Compression. Controlling swelling is important, so WebMD says to put a compression wrap on the injury. This helps keep the swelling down which will keep the pain under control.
4. Elevate. WebMD reminds you to elevate your injury above your heart when resting during the first few days of the injury. Elevation helps keep the swelling down.
5. Pain reliever. If the pain is too much, Everyday Health says to take an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory. For those who are under 19, avoid aspirin. Otherwise, naproxen sodium, ibuprofen and aspirin are all great options.
6. Peppermint and frankincense. To help control bruising and inflammation, Dr. Axe recommends using peppermint and frankincense essential oils. Combine two drops of each essential oil with 1/2 teaspoon coconut oil. Rub it into the area three to five times daily. For best results, apply a warm compress for two minutes afterwards.
7. Cypress oil. Another essential oil you can try is cypress oil to help reduce inflammation. Dr. Axe says to mix 2 drops of cypress oil with 1/2 teaspoon coconut oil and massage it into the injury.
Time is the best healer. Don't rush to start using the injured area again. Once the swelling and inflammation are down, take time to gradually build up the muscle again.

Inflammation has been successfully treated using natural home remedies for over 3,000 years in India.
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