Don't struggle with excessive sweating, try one of these 6 home remedies

Do you ever find that you go to lift your arm for some reason and your shirt is soaked with sweat? This is normal if it's hot outside and you've been working, but if you're sitting in class in the middle of winter, your shirt shouldn't be soaked.
Hyperhidrosis is a condition of excessive sweating of the hands, feet, armpits and groin area. Often, sufferers discover that they are manifesting symptoms at least once a week. This can be really embarrassing. Here are 6 natural ways to help battle the sweat.
1. Antiperspirant. WebMD recommends that those who suffer from excessive sweating use an antiperspirant. It contains an aluminum substance that helps block the sweat pores. You can use it places besides just the armpits as well. Rub it on your feet or in the groin area to keep smelling fresh and minimize the moisture.
2. Clothing. The Mayo Clinic reminds you to wear breathable clothing. Cotton and silk are excellent choices. For socks, you want to find ones that have moisture-wicking technology.
3. Underarm shields. For an extra layer of protection and to help avoid embarrassing situations, Medical News Today recommends using underarm liners or shields to help absorb any extra sweat.
4. Witch hazel. The Mayo Clinic says that applying astringents that contain tannic acid may also help. Witch hazel is a great, natural astringent that contains tannic acid. You can apply the witch hazel using a cotton pad to your underarms, groin or face.
5. Foods. You might find that certain foods increase your sweating. WebMD says you should avoid eating spicy foods and drinking hot drinks and alcohol as these have a tendency to make people sweat even more.
6. Tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is another astringent that helps fight sweat. Thompson Tee says to apply the tea tree oil with a cotton swab directly to your armpits every day. You may not notice results immediately, but give it a few days to start working.
Just because you suffer from hyperhidrosis doesn't mean you have to just be embarrassed by sweaty pits all the time. You can help minimize the effects by wisely fighting back.
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