Don't let snoring bother you, here are 6 easy fixes

Snoring may not be a problem for you, but it could be a real problem for the person you love. If it gets really bad, it can even wake you up, creating a dual problem. Trying to figure out how to stop snoring can leave you feeling hopeless.
Rather than simply sleeping in a separate room, try one of the easy home remedies below to see if they help. Some are very simple, and others are a little more creative. You have 6 to choose from to find the one that works.
1. Sleeping position. Medical News Today says raising your head and shoulders slightly may help keep you from snoring. If you tend to be a back sleeper, try sleeping on your side instead, as sleeping on your back allows your tongue to fall back and block the air passageway easier.
2. Pillow problems. Sometimes allergies are the culprit for the cause of snoring. WebMD states that pillows can trap dust mites and increase snoring. To combat this problem, throw your pillow in the dryer on air fluff twice a month. Replacing your pillow twice a year is also recommended.
3. Alcohol. If you struggle with snoring, Healthline recommends avoiding alcohol consumption two hours before bed. The alcohol is a relaxant and can relax the throat muscles too much.
4. Playing instruments. The Mayo Clinic says that playing certain instruments may help with your snoring. You can pick up the didgeridoo for 25 minutes a day to help. If you've always wanted to play an instrument, double reed woodwind instruments also appear to help reduce snoring.
5. Singing. If playing an instrument is too daunting, singing may be more up your alley. Medical News Today reports that singing "la, la, la, la," "fa, fa, fa, fa," and "ma, ma, ma, ma," on different pitches every day can also help reduce your snoring.
6. Weight control. According to Healthline, being overweight can be a cause of snoring. Try losing a few pounds and see if that helps.
No longer does snoring have to ruin your sleep or the sleep of those you love. By taking a few steps, you may be able to sleep better and quieter the whole night through.
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