Improve your morning routine with these 8 workouts

Working out in the morning is a great way to build energy naturally. Plus, if you dread exercising, getting it done first thing means you don't have to worry about it the rest of the day! As a bonus: your hormone levels are primed and ready for a good workout after you've slept all night.
Ready to try out a new workout routine? Try one of these:
1. Morning yoga
Starting your morning with a relaxing workout is a great way to ease yourself into a busy schedule. This routine may be slower paced than a morning jog, but you'll build muscle and get in a proper stretch.
2. 8-minute morning fat blaster
This video is unique because the instructor walks you through the workouts once, and then tells you to time yourself. It's easy to just run through the exercises one more time if you have a few more minutes. Be forewarned; this workout is intense!
3. Full-body morning workout
This full-body workout is a great way to start your morning. The pace is a little more moderate than a Yoga routine, and you'll get your heart pumping moving between exercises. Bonus: It takes about 11 minutes from start to finish.
4. 30-minute Pilates
Pilates is a great way to start the morning. It's gentle, but it's tough. This video is a full-length class you can work through in the comfort of your own home. No more excuses for not wanting to drive to the gym in the dead of winter!
5. Fat-burning in 15-minutes
As Joanna says in this video " a short workout is better than no workout." What's even better, is that she even tells you the routine is low-impact, so you can stay in your pajamas and work out. Now if she'd just serve donuts afterward ...
6. Cardio kickboxing in 30 minutes
Have a little more time and want to try something that will really get your heart pumping as soon as you wake up? Try this kickboxing course. If you've never taken one before, no worries, the instructor gives you a brief walk-through at the beginning, so you feel comfortable going through the video.
7. No gym, full-body workout
Watch how easy it is to get a full-body workout in anywhere. Taking the kids for a morning walk to the park? Try this while they hit the playground, or just bust it out before you walk out the door. The routine is fast (and intense), so run through the circuit two or three times if you have a few more minutes.
8. Early morning flexibility routine
Worried about a meeting later in the day? This 10-minute stretch workout will improve your flexibility and help you start your day off feeling relaxed. This is a great routine to toss in at the end of the week to stretch your muscles out before heading into another week of more intense movements.
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