8 workouts that will help you flatten your tummy and master your body

Working out your core doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming. But it is a vital part of any workout routine. Your core muscles (including your abdominals and lower back) support a lot of weight and provide strength to different areas of your body. Failing to target this area can lead to uneven muscle build and weaker all-over performance.
Check out these ab-centric workouts and choose one or two to incorporate into your exercise schedule.
1. Dumbbell ab workout (h/t Born to Sweat)
The KISS method (keep it simple stupid) is perfect for toning abs. All you need is your body and a set of dumbbells to get your core in top shape. It's simple, cheap and you can burn through the routine in less than 15 minutes.
2. Upper ab workout (h/t Body Building)
I like this routine because it shows you some moves you can actually use in a gym. No more second guessing how to use the equipment to target your abs! It's a four-move workout with 25 reps each.
3. 7 minutes to ripped abs
If following a fitness model through a routine doesn't intimidate you, you'll love that it takes only 7-minutes to work your way through this tummy-toning routine. It's simple, quick, and easy to follow, and when the fitness model is struggling to catch her breath, you know it's a good workout. ​
4. MMA body: killer core (h/t Men's Fitness)
This intermediate level workout takes just about 20-minutes to complete. Each set calls for 100 reps per exercise. Work your way through the circuit with as little rest as possible. A fun way to use this routine is to time yourself to see how fast you can complete the course and then try to beat your best time.
5. Muffin-top melter (h/t Get Healthy U)
This workout is great because it targets your core and builds in cardio to help you keep your heart rate up (for more calorie burn). The routine includes four blocks of four moves. The routine takes about 12 minutes start to finish.
6. Lower-ab pooch workout (h/t Christina Carlyle)
This routine relies on your ability to push through the pain. The exercise consists of six different moves which you do until you start feeling the burn, and then add five more. Christina Carlyle points out that while you can spot train muscle-building, you'll need to eat a healthy diet to get rid of fat all over your body.
7. 10-minute abs (h/t Postris)
This quick and dirty ab routine is perfect for days when you have no time to squeeze in a full workout. While the routine is fast, it's not easy. This exercise is great because it targets your abdominals and your back muscles (which are essential to a healthy core).
8. Flat abs interval workout (h/t Trimmed and Toned)
You'll get a full-body experience that targets your abs. The routine consists of six workouts completed at 50-second intervals. Ideally, you should run through the routine fives over 15-minutes, but you can adjust your rounds to feet your fitness level and time constraints.

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