6 workouts you can do before bed to lose weight fast

If you've hit the end of the day and you haven't had time to squeeze in a workout, you might feel like calling it a loss and hitting the sack. But, you can squeeze in one of these exercises before grabbing some shut-eye. You'll burn calories and prep your body for a good night sleep.
Note: Some health experts suggest tossing in your workout about 2 hours before bedtime if you find that exercising out affects your sleep routine. Otherwise, most people can feel free to squeeze it in as close to bedtime as they want.
1. 8-minute evening workout
Fitting in this quick routine is a great way to prep your body for bed. The routine is moderately intense, so you won't get your heart pumping too hard, but, you'll build muscles and send your body into fat burning mode. At only 8-minutes long, there's no excuse not to get your workout in.
2. Yoga for Bedtime
While a lot of people focus on strength training and cardio to burn fat, Yoga is very beneficial. Two of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle are reduced stress and getting plenty of sleep. This relaxing routine helps loosen your muscles (also a great way to avoid injuries) and preps your mind for sleeping.
3. 10-minute no sweat routine (h/t Shape)
This workout is split into two parts: a rapid-fire strength training session and a quick yoga routine to wind down. The first section is supposed to take five minutes, but if you're not fast with your pushups, it could take a little longer. I love that you don't need any equipment for this, so you could just bust it out and climb into bed.
4. 10-move nighttime routine
This workout is quick and gets your heart rate up just a little bit. You'll get some strength training and cardio in, before winding down with a bit of stretching. It's a quick 10-minute blast you can squeeze in whenever you have time.
5. Bedtime butt (h/t Self)
You can give your glutes a quick workout with three simple moves. If you're feeling lazy, you can do two of the three moves while lying in bed. It's low-impact, quick and you're not going to break a sweat, but you will work those butt and thigh muscles.
6. Abs all night
Squeeze in a killer ab workout in just three minutes! It's the same crunch (the Eagle crunch) for three minutes, but you will feel it. The pulled in posture keeps your muscles tight, so you really feel each compression. You're going to feel these in the morning!
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