6 simple and effective ways to remove ear wax naturally

Ear wax is the body's natural defense system to keep dust, dirt and bacteria out of the ear canal. Unfortunately, it sometimes builds up and blocks the canal, causing a loss in hearing.
The solution is simply to remove the excess wax. The question is how to do that. Although many people use cotton swabs for digging out wax, the Mayo Clinic says that's one of the worst ways to try to remove it. You end up pushing the wax into the canal and packing the wax in harder. If you're having problems getting rid of ear wax, try one of the remedies below.
1. Glycerin
Glycerin is an old-school remedy that definitely works. The Mayo Clinic says to put a few drops in the ear and let it sit for one to two days. Then take a rubber bulb and irrigate the ear, flushing out the softened wax. Be sure to thoroughly dry your ear to prevent infection.
2. Vinegar
Another option is to mix a vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and water solution. Healthline recommends a solution of 1 part vinegar, 1 part hydrogen peroxide and 2 parts water. Lay down and put a few drops in the ear and wait five minutes. Sit up and blot the ear dry. More than one treatment may be needed.
3. Hydrogen peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide appears to be the best option for getting rid of ear wax as it simply liquefies the wax. Prevention recommends putting one or two drops of hydrogen peroxide directly into the ear and waiting 10 minutes. You can step into the shower or use a bulb to irrigate the ear, flushing out the liquefied wax. Dry the ear thoroughly.
4. Mineral oil
Another oldie but goody, mineral oil can be used to soften the wax for removal. WebMD says to warm the oil to room temperature before placing it in the ear. Use two drops twice daily for five days. Then flush the wax out during a shower or with a bulb syringe. Dry the ear thoroughly.
5. Baby oil
Baby oil can be used if mineral oil isn't around. The Mayo Clinic says to drop a few drops into the ear and let it sit for one to two days before irrigating with a bulb syringe. Make sure you dry your ear thoroughly.
6. Candling
Although this has gained a lot of popularity lately, WebMD says that this is one home remedy that should not be tried. It has not been proven to work, and many people have been injured from the hot wax. In addition, you could burn your eardrum.
Ear wax doesn't have to win the battle. You can try to safely remove excess wax and get your hearing restored at home before paying a doctor to do the dirty work.
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