Don't struggle with a cough. Here are 6 home remedies to help you get rid of it

Cold season is right around the corner, and people, young and old, will begin to fight the sore throats, runny noses and coughs that come with it. Many different medications are available to help fight colds, but sometimes running to the store isn't convenient.
Would you believe you probably have a few items at home that can effectively relieve your cold symptoms? Check out the 6 home remedies below that may help bring your stubborn cough under control.
1. Different ways of using honey. Who would have guessed that honey would be just as good at suppressing a cold as dextromethorphan? Check out this video for three ways to use it to combat your cough.
2. Pineapple-based cough syrup (h/t View from Great Island)
Pineapple syrup is trending as a cough syrup right now, but Medical News Today says that there is no actual scientific study that shows it actually works. The good news is that the cough syrup won't harm you and the honey in it is known to help. Check out the video below for the full recipe.
3. Chicken noodle soup. Dr. Oz and WebMD both agree that chicken noodle soup is great for soothing a cough. The warm liquid helps keep the mucus moving, and the steam helps thin the mucus. The spices in it help break down the phlegm so it's easier to cough out.
4. Lemon and honey. Another age-old remedy is lemon and honey. The lemon helps break up the phlegm, while the honey soothes the cough. Check this out in action below.
5. Different ways of using peppermint. Although the jury is out as to whether peppermint by itself will fully calm a cough, Healthline recommends giving it a try. Check out the video below for two ways to incorporate it into your healing process.
6. Saltwater solution. Check out how this remedy works in the video below.
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