11+ alternative ways to use Vaseline

Since 1859, Vaseline has been used for everything from soothing dry and cracked skin to healing scrapes and burns. The ointment is made from petroleum jelly that is purified three times in processes that include distillation, de-aeration, and filtration. The resulting jelly is a nonirritating and hypoallergenic solution. It works because it creates a sealing barrier between cells in dry or damaged skin, thus locking in moisture and speeding up recovery. 
While you're likely to have used Vaseline as a moisturizer, did you know that it can also be used to remove makeup stains from clothing and unstick a zipper? The following 12 hacks are ingenious ways to use petroleum jelly around the home. After reading this article, you'll want to run out and stock up on Vaseline! 
1. DIY body scrub. Mix kosher salt and Vaseline to make an inexpensive moisturizing body scrub for the shower. This can also work as a lip scrub.
2. Fix a scratched LCD phone screen. Really? Yes, really. No need to spend lots of money repairing your scratched LCD phone screen.
3. Insect repellent. Flies, mosquitoes, gnats, and other small insects don't stand a chance against the sticky depths of petroleum jelly.
4. Make scuffed-up leather shoes look like new.
5. Get a cleaner paint job on your nails. Love manicured nails? You don't have to shell out for a professional job every time you want to change up the color.
6. Remove makeup stains from clothing. Have a stubborn makeup stain on your favorite white shirt? No problem! We got you covered.
7. Unstick a zipper. There is nothing more annoying than rushing out of the house only to find the zipper on your coat — or worse, your pants—is stuck. Luckily, Vaseline is here to save you:
8.  Remove watermarks on wood. Does your friend repeatedly put his glass on your wood table after you've reminded him to use a coaster? There is no longer reason to stress.
9. Make your fragrance last longer. Before spritzing on your favorite perfume, make sure you try the trick below to have your fragrance last all day long:
10. Hair treatment. Just a touch can help tame fly-aways and reduce frizz. This trick will also work for grooming eyebrows.
11. Quiet squeaky door hinges.Vaseline is a great alternative to messy, expensive spray lubricants because it gets deep into the hinge and adheres well.
12. Get a cleaner paint job. Are you working on some DIY projects around the house? Afraid to stain your beautiful hinges with paint? Follow the advice below:
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