These are the 6-minute workouts that you need in your life

Whether you're running kids to school, heading off to work, caring for a parent or tackling any of the dozens of other tasks on your to-do list, you likely have at least six minutes to spare in the morning. At the very least, you can crawl out of bed just six minutes earlier in the morning to squeeze in a workout.
Don't believe it's possible? Check out these exercises that you can get done in a hurry:
1. The six-minute morning workout
This full-body routine targets your legs, arms, abs, and butts. You'll have to move quickly, but your heart will race, and your muscles burn. If you have a little extra time, you can run through the set another time or two. Check out the full workout from Fit Wirr.
2. 6-minute workout you can do anywhere
You can do this hard-hitting exercise routine anywhere --even on your lunch break- and still have time to cool down, and eat before you have to head back to the desk. Pack your workout shoes and grab a spare spot of grass to squeeze this workout from Mind Body Green into your day.
3. 6-minute no-equipment workout
You can do this routine when you're running low on time, and you don't have access to any equipment. Your body weight will provide plenty of resistance for you to get in a proper workout. Check out this fat-blaster from Get Healthy U.
4. Six-minute kettlebell workout
Toss your kettlebell in your trunk, and you'll have all the equipment you need to blast through a powerful routine when you're on the go. If you can squeeze in two or three short sessions a day, you'll reap even more benefits. Check out this butt-kicking routine from Breaking Muscle.
5. 6-minute upper body blaster
Snag that stability ball from the corner; you're going to get a full upper body workout in less than 6 minutes! The easy-to-follow routine will put a new spin on how to use a stability ball. Check out the full video from Spark People.
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