Don't forget about your shoulders. Try these 5 awesome workouts

When you're planning your upper body workout days, don't forget to schedule in some time for your shoulders. Your shoulder is one of the most unstable joints in your body because of its ability to rotate in so many different directions, according to Spark People.
Because you use your shoulder to do a myriad of activities, it's essential that you keep the muscles in your shoulder in tip-top shape. Here are five of the best workouts you can do for your shoulder:
1. Barbell push press
Body Building lists this movement as one of the best for building shoulder muscle because you can load as much weight as you need. They caution that doing this move seated reduces some of its effectiveness, so get up off that bench!
2. High pull
This move will give your leave your shoulder blades burning. This movement, like many weight-based ones, relies on momentum to help you lift heavier weights, so make sure to have a steady base when you extend your hips to move, or you could topple over. Check out more details from Men's Fitness.
3. Handstand hold
Bust out your action-hero moves with this upside down workout. You will need a fair amount of stamina to master Men's Health's handstand hold. The move puts a lot of weight on your shoulders, and because you are forced to maintain a straight posture (heels just touching the wall to keep you upright), your shoulder muscles are forced to stabilize continually.
4. Tricep dips
While this workout targets your triceps, all of your shoulder muscles are bearing a fair share of weight during this workout. If you find keeping your hands on the floor too uncomfortable you can place your hands on a raised surface and lower down from there. Check out the benefits of this exercise at Get Healthy U.
5. Women's Health best shoulder workout
If you're looking for a workout routine that's going to give you killer shoulders, try this one from Women's Health. You'll work through 5 moves with 30-second breaks between each one. If you're just starting out, snag three to five-pound weights for a few weeks.
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