Try this trick out and never pay for canceling a doctor's appointment again

Charging patients a "no-show fee" is a fairly common practice in the medical profession. Doctor's offices, dental offices and labs all have signs posted that there is a "no-show fee" of x amount unless they are given 24 to 48 hours of notice.
Capture Billing has an entire educational video on why and how to charge patients this "no-show fee." The argument for the fee is that when a patient doesn't show, the doctor has a reserved spot for you that can't be filled. The doctor is out the money which is necessary for running the office and paying the staff.
Sometimes, though, missing an appointment is beyond your ability to control. Maybe you get caught in traffic and can't get to the office, or a family emergency comes up that has to be dealt with. Many doctor's offices are understanding and work with their patients in the instances of genuine need.
If you happen to have simply forgotten the appointment, appealing to the receptionist's better side might not work. Reddit user Stellapotamus shared how he or she dealt with being charged the "no-show fee."
"I went to cancel a doctor's appointment and they said it was a $200 charge without a week's notice. I asked how much it was to reschedule, they said it was free.
'Okay, so I need to reschedule for two weeks out.'
'Is three weeks okay?'
'Alright, you're all set for three weeks from now. Anything else I can do for you?'
'Yes, I need to cancel my appointment.'
'We need a week's notice.'
'My appointment is three weeks away.'
'Oh. Okay. Sure.'
'Thank you.'
Couldn't believe it worked."
Most offices charge $10 to $75 for cancelling an appointment without sufficient notice. Often, the office's policy for the fee is in the paperwork you fill out when you become a patient at the office. Be sure to read your agreement before you sign so you know how the office works. Knowing how your doctor's office operates may help keep you from being in Stellapotamus' uncomfortable position.
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