How to eat and burn fat all day long with these 10 foods

The "battle of the bulge" is a war that seems to get harder to win the older you get.
Sometimes the fight gets to be downright discouraging as you count your calories and exercise, but you still see the scale climbing.
With a little bit of information, you can actually make the food you eat work for you instead of against you. Knowing which foods help you burn calories or make you feel satisfied so you'll eat less, may be all it takes to turn the tide in your favor.
Listed below are 10 foods that can help you burn away the belly bulge simply by eating them:
Muscle-building foods
Proteins are an excellent way to help build and maintain body muscle. They are also harder for the body to break down, which means they burn extra calories when they are used.
1. Nuts. All nuts are excellent sources of protein, according to Women's Health, and they help build muscle. An added benefit to nuts is that they help you feel full faster.
2. Grass-fed beef. Unfortunately, beef has gotten a bad rap today, but it's actually quite good for you. Dr. Axe recommends grass-fed beef as an excellent source of protein and healthy fats, which can help build muscle and burn calories in the process.
3. Dairy and eggs. As easy sources of protein, dairy products and eggs can help build muscle. Women's Health shares that they also help build healthy bones.
4. Chicken. Besides being a great source of protein, Dr. Axe shares that chicken has the added benefit of satisfying food cravings, causing you to stop eating sooner.
5. Peanut butter. According to Women's Health, peanut butter is an excellent source of testosterone, an essential component in maintaining muscle mass. It also helps with burning fat as it builds muscle.
Satiating foods
Eating fruits and vegetables is great, but often leaves you hungry. Knowing what foods help satisfy hunger or make you feel full faster can help curb your appetite.
6. Apple cider vinegar. According to Dr. Axe, taking one to two tablespoons of vinegar before your meal can help curb your sugar cravings and make you feel satisfied sooner.
7. Greek yogurt. Besides being an excellent source of protein, WebMD points out that Greek yogurt is extra filling, keeping you from eating as much food.
8. Cinnamon. Cinnamon has many health benefits, but a big one is curbing the appetite. WebMD recommends putting it in your morning coffee or tea.
Metabolism-boosting foods
Speeding up your metabolism is a great way to burn some extra calories. Some foods will actually speed your metabolism for you.
9. Hot peppers. Hot and spicy foods are great metabolism boosters. Any hot pepper will do the job, according to WebMD, and it will add a burst of flavor at the same time.
10. Grapefruit. On the opposite end of the spectrum from hot peppers is grapefruit. According to Dr. Axe, it contains enzymes that help break down sugar and boost your metabolism.
No longer do you have to rely on simply counting calories and working out at the gym. You can make your food work for you. By being wise with what you eat, you can help yourself lose weight faster.
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