10 home remedies for improving posture

Have you ever met people who looked like they were much older than their
actual age simply because of their poor posture? Besides prematurely aging yourself, poor posture puts a strain on your lungs and intestines as they get mashed together, according to WebMD.
Correcting your posture doesn't have to require fancy devices or expensive gadgets. Listed below are 10 simple things you can do at home to help yourself sit and stand tall, improving your body's ability to function properly.
1. Sit up straight. Although slouching can seem comfortable when you're sitting at your desk all day, the Mayo Clinic says to sit up straight in your chair. Simply be sure to keep both feet flat on the floor, sit with your bottom all the way to the back of the chair, and keep your knees at a 90-degree angle.
2. Lift mobile devices. In this era of mobile devices, heads are often bowed over cell phones and tablets, creating a phenomenon called "text neck." To avoid this, WebMD says to lift your mobile devices to eye level when reading.
3. Stand tall. Embrace your height. Don't slouch when standing, but rather, act as if you are being measured for your height. This will keep your body in proper alignment according to WebMD.
4. Avoid heels. High heels should be saved for special occasions as they tend to put unneeded pressure on you lower back. WebMD recommends saving them for special nights out rather than everyday use.
5. Use a firm mattress. The spine needs good support even when sleeping. WebMD recommends using a firm mattress and appropriate pillow when catching your rest.
6. Strengthen your core. The Mayo Clinic points out that a strong core helps you to keep your spine aligned well. Doing exercises to strengthen core muscles will help.
7. Use a posture app. Downloading a posture app on your mobile device is a convenient way to remind yourself to correct your posture. These apps can even offer suggestions for good posture according to the Mayo Clinic.
8. Place reminders. If technology isn't your thing, you can go low-tech with post-it notes around the house and office. The Mayo Clinic says the key is simply to remind yourself to have good posture, retraining yourself.
9. Don't recline behind the wheel. WebMD recommends sitting closer to the steering wheel, with the knees slightly elevated rather than reclining.
10. Take time to reflect. Whenever you pass a mirror, take a look and see how you're doing with your posture, recommends the Mayo Clinic.
Say goodbye to slouching and hello to proper posture. With a little help from technology or low-tech post-it's, you can straighten up and look good.
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