10 signs you are probably not drinking enough water

WebMD recommends drinking six or eight 8-ounce glasses of water or other fluid every day. Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding should drink even more. It might sound like a lot, but you also lose a lot of water each day. You sweat, you go to the bathroom and you even lose liquid in your breath as you breathe and talk.
Your body also relies on water to function properly. When you don't get enough of it, chances are you're going to start feeling it in different parts of your body and life. If any of the symptoms that follow sound familiar, you need to start drinking more water.
1. Your mouth is dry
Although this might seem obvious, many times people ignore this symptom and continue on with their day. Or sometimes, they substitute water for a soft or sports drink. When your mouth gets dry, always go for water first — that's what your body craves.
2. Your skin is dry
In case you didn't know, your skin is your largest organ. So, if you're not taking care of the rest of your body — by not drinking enough water, for example — it's going to show in your skin.
3. You have dry eyes
By now you understand that when you don't drink enough water it begins affecting other parts of your body — including your eyes. Think about the last hangover you endured. You probably woke up not only thirsty and with a headache, but your eyes also were probably red. That's because alcohol dehydrates the body.
4. Your urine is dark
WebMD explains that when you drink enough water, your urine should be light yellow or clear. If it's darker than that, it could be a sign you're not getting enough water.
5. You're constipated
If you're constipated or your stool is hard, WebMD explains, this could be a sign you're not getting enough water. If you drink water regularly you should have regular bowel movements and your stool should be soft.
6. You experience joint pain
Joints are made up of 80 percent water. If you're not getting enough water in your diet, chances are you could end up with sore joints.
7. You have hunger pains
Sometimes hunger pains are actually a signal from your body to drink more. Livestrong explains this strange phenomenon by saying that your body receives mixed signals when it hasn't gotten enough water, causing it, and you, to believe you need to eat when you really need to hydrate. So next time you feel hungry, drink a tall glass of water and see how you feel.
8. You stay sick longer
If you start to realize when you get sick it lasts longer than usual, it might be because you're not properly hydrated. All that water you drink helps flush out toxins. That's why the doctors tell you to ingest plenty of liquids when you're sick. So drink lots of water when you're sick and as a preventative measure to stay healthy.
9. Dizziness
Dizziness can have many causes, but dehydration can be one of them. If you've gone past the point of thirsty and realize you feel dizzy, it could be because you just aren't getting enough water. If after a workout or being in the sun you start to feel dizzy, try drinking water.
10. Fatigue
If you feel overall fatigue, it could be that your body just doesn't have enough water to help keep it running. Drinking enough water can prevent feeling fatigue like this.
It's also important to note that dehydration can cause some serious symptoms, according to the Mayo Clinic. These include extreme thirst, less frequent urination, dark-colored urine, fatigue, dizziness and confusion. If you experience any of these, you might want to seek medical attention because an infusion of liquids might be needed to get your body back on track.
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