Stop throwing out banana peels. Here's 12 brilliant ways to reuse them

Banana peels usually end up in the trash, but a ton of uses exist for this often overlooked byproduct. You may be surprised to learn that not only can the peels be used in the kitchens but also in beauty routines. Check out these amazing uses that will guarantee that you never toss out these peels out again.
1. Polish silver
Has your silver seen better days? Simply rub it down with a banana peel to give it a fresh look. Natural Living Ideas indicates that the fruit acids work to remove grime and make silver look brand new.
2. Meat tenderizer
Want to make sure that your meat dish turns out tender? Throw in a couple of banana peels to ensure the meat doesn't dry out as it cooks. Trash Backwards indicates that this is a tried and true method to keep meat tender and full of flavor.
3. Compost
Banana peels break down pretty easily, so they serve as a great addition for anyone who uses compost to fertilize soil.
4. Banana vinegar
If you are searching for a vinegar recipe with a twist, then banana peel vinegar may do just the trick. Natural Living Ideas describes the vinegar as slightly bitter and sour but with a sweet undertone that sets it apart from regular vinegar recipes. It's a tasty addition to a salad.
5. Helps reduce appearance of bruises
The clumsy people of the world will love this banana peel hack. According to Diply, if you rub a banana peel over a bruise it will help reduce its size and appearance. You can get results faster if you leave the banana peel on the bruise overnight.
6. Reduces acne
WikiHow indicates that banana peels can help ward off acne. Banana peels contain lutein and other vitamins that fight acne breakouts. Just rub it over your face and allow it to set overnight for best results.
7. Wart removal
Wart removal is made easy with banana peels. Just cover the area with a banana peel and secure with a bandage. Leave overnight and in the morning you will see an obvious reduction in size. Continue until the wart is totally gone.
8. Splinter removal
Removing a splinter is never a lot of fun, but with banana peels, it is not only easy but painless. Diply indicates that if you cover the splinter with a banana peel, cover with medical tape and leave it in place for a few hours, the enzymes in the peel will soften the skin and make it easier to take out the splinter.
9. Shine shoes
Leather shoes can definitely look pretty bleak after a few months of use. Natural Living Ideas says that you can bring those shoes back to life by rubbing them with a banana peel.
10. Whiten teeth
Banana peels can effectively remove stains from your teeth. Rub the peels over your teeth and gums one or two times a day for a few weeks. You will notice that your smile is much brighter.
11. Remove pests from the garden
Diply indicates that if you have pests in the garden, especially aphids, then banana peels are your friend. You can either shred the peels and scatter the around your garden or simply bury them underground for the best results.
12. Itch relief
Banan peels work to reduce itching from insect bites and even poison ivy. Rub the impacted area with the peel and allow the soothing properties to go to work. does not give medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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