Touch this spot on your arm and instantly relieve worry and anxiety (video below)

The Heart 7 acupressure point is known as the "Spirit Gate." It is known to relieve worry and anxiety. It can also help with depression and insomnia.
To find the Spirit Gate, turn your hand palm side up. Look for the major crease and the tendon coming into the base of the little finger. Using the index finger on your opposite hand, find the soft spot on the inside of the tendon. While pressing the pressure point, slowly and deeply inhale and exhale.
Joseph Carter suggests doing this form of acupressure together with your partner when having difficult conversations. You'll likely find your conversation is calmer, clearer, and less frustrated. This is why he refers to this form of acupressure as "emotional first aid."
We recommend performing acupressure on the Spirit Gate to calm nerves and improve clarity of speech before public speaking.
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