Here's how to get rid of that annoying cold sore fast without going to the pharmacy

Did you know an estimated two-thirds of the world population under age 50 has the cold sore-causing virus HSV-1? According to the World Health Organization, a whopping 3.7 billion people have the chronic condition. In the U.S., 49 percent of women and 39 percent of men get cold sores, while in Europe, 69 percent of women and 61 percent of men are infected.
For a person with HSV-1, cold sores are not necessarily a part of everyday life. However, when blisters do flare up, Mayo Clinic says they typically last for two to four weeks before disappearing. To speed recovery and reduce symptoms, try these DIY home remedy lip balms.
Shea Butter Lip Balm
1 ounce Shea butter
1 ounce beeswax
1 ounce coconut oil
1 teaspoon honey
15- 20 drops essential oil (lemon balm, orange, chamomile, or lavender)
Fill a medium pot half-way with water and place on stove over medium heat. Place a smaller pot inside the larger one to create a double boiler. Add Shea butter, beeswax, and coconut oil to small pot. When melted, remove from heat and whisk in honey and essential oil. Use a funnel to transfer the liquid to small chapstick tubes or tins. Allow to cool for one hour or until set.
Healing Cold Sore Balm
4 tablespoons lemon balm infused oil
2 tablespoons coconut oil
½ tablespoon tamanu oil
½ tablespoon castor oil
2 tablespoons beeswax
1 tablespoon Shea butter or mango butter
15 drops tea tree oil
25 drops peppermint essential oil
2 drops clove bud oil
This home remedy takes a bit of prep, but its effectiveness makes it well worth the time. Begin by making the lemon balm infused oil. Fill a heat-proof jar one-quarter full with crumbled dried lemon balm leaves. Slowly pour olive or sunflower oil into the jar until almost full. Next, place the jar in a saucepan filled with a few inches of water. Heat over low or medium-low heat for a few hours, taking care not to burn the herbs. Once infused, strain and store in a sealed jar in a dark, cool place for up to one year.
To make the lip balm, combine all ingredients in a heat proof container. Place the container in a saucepan with a few inches of water and heat over medium-low heat until the butter and wax has melted. Remove from heat and stir. Pour the liquid into individual containers, cap, and store.
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