8 Home Remedies for treating bunions

Do you ever get a bump on the base of your big toe? If so, you may suffer from bunions. According to Mayo Clinic, a bunion is caused by the big toe pushing against the other toes. When this happens, the joint of the big toe protrudes and gets bigger.
Wearing tight and narrow shoes is a common cause of bunions. Therefore, you should wear sensible shoes that don't constrict toes or push them too close together. But sometimes, wearing the right shoe isn't enough to prevent bunions. For some people, their foot type, a foot injury or another underlying cause can cause or make bunions worse. To treat stubborn, painful bunions, try these home remedies:
1. Ice. A common treatments for many ailments is ice. WebMD recommends wrapping ice in a thin cloth and applying the cooling cure to the bunion for 10 to 20 minutes. If possible, keep your foot elevated above the heart.
2. Olive oil. Massage warm olive oil on the bunion and lower foot for 15 minutes twice daily. Find Home Remedy says this works because it increases circulation around the enlarged joint.
3. Red pepper. The active ingredient in red pepper is a natural pain reliever. Find Home Remedy recommends cutting a red pepper and rubbing the fresh juice from the vegetable directly on the bunion. Cover the bunion with a thin layer of petroleum jelly and apply a loose-fitting bandage. For the most effective results, apply red pepper twice daily.
4. Castor oil. According to Find Home Remedy, castor oil has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling and relieve pain. To use this home remedy, heat 1/2 cup castor oil in a pan, dip a cotton cloth in the warm oil, and wrap the cloth around the bunion. Cover with a towel and relax until the castor oil cools. Repeat this treatment three times daily for best results.
5. Epsom salts. A foot bath made from 1/2 cup Epsom salts dissolved in hot water can work wonders on bunions. Find Home Remedy recommends soaking bunions for 20 minutes twice daily.
6. Toe stretches. According to Everyday Health, one of the best ways to relieve painful symptoms that come with bunions is to stretch your toes. Flex and then curl your toes, holding the toes in both positions for 5 seconds. Repeat the exercise 10 times. This is an ideal exercise because you can do it anywhere, from your desk to the bed.
7. Bay leaf. Healthy Food House recommends drinking a solution made from a tablespoon of crushed bay leaves and 300 milliliters (approximately 10 ounces) hot water. Let the water absorb the bay leaf overnight, then strain and slowly drink the bay leaf water throughout the next day. After 10 days, you may begin to see and feel an improvement.
8. Soap. Sometimes all you need is a little scrub-a-dub-dub. According to Healthy Food House, gently massaging the bunion with regular soap can be enough to treat bunions. For an extra boost, apply iodine after rinsing and drying your feet.
Bunions can be a pain. But they don't have to! Try these home remedies, SHARE this article and don't forget to tell us what works for you!
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