6+ ways to naturally improve eyesight and reduce eye strain

More than 150 million Americans wear glasses and 37 million Americans wear contacts, says the American Academy of Ophthalmology. These are huge percentages of the population. While poor eyesight has a number of causes, many of which are genetic and out of a person's control, many are environmental. This is especially true if you spend the majority of your day in front of a computer. According to WebMD, there is actually a term for strained eyesight due to too much time spent looking at screens. It's called "Computer Vision Syndrome."
To naturally improve your eyesight and reduce the pain and strain that has come to define contemporary work life, try these home remedies:
1. Exercise your eyes
You exercise everything else, why not your eyes? Try the following for your eyes you can effectively give your eyes a workout. Do these exercises everyday and watch your eyesight gradually improve.
2. Massage your eyes
Use the tips of your index and middle fingers to lightly apply pressure to your closed eyeballs. Maintaining just enough pressure with your middle finger, use your index finger to apply pressure above and under your eyeball.
3. Drink carrot juice
According to Scientific American, carrots really are good for your eyes. This is because the body uses beta-carotene in carrots to make vitamin A, essential for good eyesight, and especially for seeing in low light. Another remarkable fact is that the cornea will actually disappear if the body does not get enough vitamin A.
4. Focused meditation
When you think of meditation, you might think about closing your eyes. But Healthy and Natural Life explains there is an Indian form of meditation called Trataka, in which you keep your eyes open and focused on a single point or object. By doing so, you will not only strengthen your eyesight, but also develop better concentration.
5. Warm up your eyes
Dr. Oz recommends creating heat by rubbing your hands together and then cupping your hands over your eyes. Hold them in place for five seconds and repeat three times.
6. Massage your temples
Stimulate your eyes by taking your thumb knuckles and rubbing them in a circular motion on your temples. Massage for a count of 20 in one direction and then repeat for another 20 seconds in the other direction. Dr. Oz says it is also helpful to massage the point in between your eyebrows and under your eyes at the bridge of your nose in this way.
7. Cucumber slices
It's not just for Hollywood glamour! Dr. Oz suggests placing cooling slices of cucumber over your closed eyes to give them the much-needed rest they deserve.
In today's modern world, we all know the pain of strained eyes and the stress of realizing our eyesight is becoming increasingly poor. But it doesn't have to be this way! Give your eyes a relaxing massage, get in the habit of exercising your eyes, and maybe treat yourself to cooling cucumbers at the end of the day.
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