7 super easy calf exercises 

While getting leaner legs might have brought you to this article, these seven exercises give you more benefits than that. These exercise tips, compiled from some of the best sources on the web, help strengthen your legs, promote balance and even work out your core.
For some of these exercises, you don't need any equipment at all, and for the others all you need is a kettlebell, a couple dumbbells and comfy, sturdy shoes. It's important to remember that getting the sculpted legs you desire requires more than just exercises that target certain muscles; you should also focus on doing cardio, weight training and eating a balanced diet.
1. Split jumps using dumbbells 
Women's Health says to stand holding a pair of dumbbells with arms extended down at your sides — hands facing inward, legs one in front of the other. Lower your body into a squat, then quickly jump up and land with legs in switched position. Repeat. 
2. Calf raises 
WebMD suggests this move because you don't need equipment to work out your calves. Start out next to a wall to help balance. With your feet hip-width apart, push down into the balls of your feet — lifting your heels — and move your body straight upward. Lower back down onto your heels, and repeat.
3. Running stairs
To get bit of cardio and a whole lot of workout for your calves, Skinny Mom suggests doing some good ol' fashioned stair workouts, or hop on the stair climber. Try 30 minutes or more each time to really sculpt the legs.
4. Seated calf raises 
This is another move easily done from the comfort of your own home, but you can also mimic it on the calf-workout machine at the gym. WebMD says to make sure you start out sitting on a sturdy chair and to keep your knees aligned directly over your feet, which should be flat on the floor. Then push slowly down into the balls of your feet and lift your heels up as high as possible. Lower, then repeat. For added resistance, place your hands on your thighs and push down.
5. Mountain climbers
Skinny Mom loves this exercise because it really strengthens the entire leg. Get down into a pushup position, keeping your core tight. Then start running your legs in and out as fast as you can — while staying stationary, of course. Go for a full minute if you can, and then repeat. 
6. Tip-toe walk using dumbbells
This exercise highlighted by Women's Health is super easy, and all you need is a pair of dumbbells. Standing, hold the dumbbells at your side (arms length) and raise your heels as you walk forward. Do this for about 60 seconds, rest, and then repeat.
7. Kettle-bell swings 
Grab a kettlebell and you're good to go for this leg workout featured by Women's Health. Standing with the kettlebell in one hand, bend at your knees with legs a bit more than shoulder-width apart. Keep your torso straight but leaning forward (forming a 45-degree angle with the floor) and swing the kettlebell back between your legs — keeping your arms extended and straight. Then pull the kettlebell forward through your legs, thrusting your hips forward and straightening your legs, and bring the kettlebell up toward your chest — now back in the standing position. Repeat. 
Resources Skinny Mom, WebMD, and Live Strong
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