5 yogalates workouts to tone muscles and burn fat 

Yoga is about centering your body and mind, and pilates is about strength. Livestrong explains that by combining these two types of exercises you can achieve an improved physical, and emotional state by training your mind and body simultaneously. Both yoga and pilates are about precision, and mindfulness - so bringing tight yoga poses together with the choreographed and challenging moves of pilates really makes sense.
The exercises here from around the web aren't going to just help you find your center of balance, they're going to tighten your core, tone your glutes, strengthen your arms, and make you sweat. These moves are also great additions to your workout regimen because they're going to simultaneously make you flexible and strong. Check out the list below to get started.
1. Tree pose pulses 
This yogalates exercise featured in Fitness Magazine is going to strengthen your quads, glutes and hamstrings - as well as help you find your center of balance.
Start with your feet together, and by bringing your hands in front of your chest - palms touching. Bend your right knee, and bring your foot up the inside of your left leg - placing the bottom of your foot on your left inner thigh. Try and get your foot up as high as you can, and make sure your knee is facing outwards. Then, for the pulses, bend your left knee just slightly and hold for 7-10 seconds. Switch legs, repeat.
2. Hammock 
Focus on tightening your abs, glutes, arms, chest, and shoulders in this burning yogalates move explained in Women's Health Magazine
Start out by sitting on a mat or towel, then place your hands behind you at about a 45 degree angle and lean back into them. Then, with your arms straight, lift your hips so that you align your whole body into a straight line - your legs will be bent at the knees and you'll look like a table top. 
Next, lower your hips back down to the floor and straighten your legs out with your bum on the ground. Move your hands from the floor behind you up to your thighs and lean forward - tightening your core inward. Lift your hips up off of the floor and hold this position, then repeat.
3. Warrior 1 stance
Target your glutes and core and give your back a much needed stretch with this yogalates move shown on Fitness Magazine
Begin standing in a wide stance with your feet 3-4 feet apart. Turn your left foot outward about 90 degrees, then pivot your right foot towards the left. Bend your left knee out over your ankle into a 90 degree angle - and be sure to rotate your hips left over your thigh. With your hands on your hips hold this for 7-10 breaths. Pull back into starting position, and repeat for the right side.
4. Floor twists 
Tighten your core with this twisting, and sweat inducing yogalates move highlighted in Women's Health Magazine.
Lie down on a mat or towel with your arms extended out at your sides, knees bent and upward, and feet flat on the ground. Then, position your bent knees to the right of you on the floor so that they make a right angle with your torso. Firmly plant your shoulders into the mat and twist your hips and legs all the way to the left - so they're nearly touching the floor. Pull your knees back up to the center, push them down to the right - doing the same as the other side and just nearly bringing your legs to the ground. Repeat. 
5. One-legged rooster stands 
This yogalates move shown in Fitness Magazine is going to strengthen your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and shoulders.
Standing in your tree pose on the left leg - bring your right leg out in front of your body, knee bent at 90 degrees. Bend down into a half squat with your left leg, and as you go down bring your arms down in front of you, then out to the side and up above your head as you straighten your leg back up. Repeat 7-10 times on each leg.
*Expert Tip: Remember to take nice deep breaths before, during, and after your yogalates moves.
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