Plyometric exercises to help you break a sweat and burn fat 

You might know them as "plyos" or "jump training," but whatever you call these exercises, plyometrics work your muscles hard and fast to increase power and strength. These are awesome exercises to add to your regular workout routine, especially if you're getting into interval training. Plyometrics get your heart rate up and work out your body in new, intense ways.
These plyo exercises will get your heart racing, your muscles burning and build up some amazing strength. Jump training doesn't mean all these exercises focus on the legs, though. Many work out your upper body, including your arms, back and core.
1. Bench sprints 
Strengthen your quads with this move.
Stand with one foot on your platform or bench, placing the heel close to the edge, and the other foot on the ground. Push off with your foot that's on the bench, extending your leg through your hip and knee. Land that foot on the ground, bringing your opposite foot on top of the platform. Repeat, continuing to switch feet each time.
2. Box jumps
Work up a sweat and tone your glutes with this workout featured on Huffington Post.
Stand with your feet together in front of your platform or box and your legs slightly bent at the knees. With your feet right under your hips, bend back into a squat and propel your legs up, landing with both feet on top of the platform. When you land, sink back into another squat, and then step down one foot at a time from the box and repeat.
3. Squat jumps
This super squat with a plyo twist by Men's Fitness will make your glutes and quads burn.
Start out in a squat position with your back straight, knees bent and rear pushed back behind you. Propel your entire body into a high jump, pushing up from your lower half. Land back in the squat position and immediately propel yourself back into the next jump. Repeat.
4. Box skips
Tone and strengthen your hamstrings with this sweat-inducing jump training by
Gather several boxes or platforms, and line them up about 8 feet apart. Standing with one leg a little behind the other, push off your back leg and land with both feet on the first box. Then jump onto the floor in between box 1 and box 2. Shifting to your other leg, jump onto the next box, landing with both feet. Repeat, shifting legs, through all the boxes.
5. Clap pushups 
You can do this as a normal pushup, but starting out on the box might be best for this core-tightening and arm-strengthening plyo move featured on Huffington Post.
Start out by lowering yourself into a good pushup position — back straight, hips in line with back, legs straight — hovering close to the surface but not touching it. Use all the force you can to propel your upper body into the air with your arms, then quickly clap your hands together. Land back in your pushup position, and repeat. 
6. One-legged jumps
Work out your legs with this plyo move from Men's Fitness.
Raising one leg off the ground, jump forward with the other leg. Keeping a running action going, pumping your arms, and emphasize picking up the knee — and then switch legs. 
7. Box toe-taps
Strengthen your leg and engage your core with this jump-training move featured on Huffington Post.
Start out with your right foot on top of the box or platform, knee bent, and your other leg in a normal standing position. Have the ball of your foot lightly touching the platform, jump up and then switch feet, bringing your left leg up to the starting position. Keep switching back and forth between legs.
8. Lunge jumps 
A twist on the lunge, this plyo move featured on Huffington Post will get your heart pumping and your legs burning.
Go down into a lunge position, with your back straight, and legs both at 90 degree angles — one with the knee facing up, the other knee nearly touching the ground. Push yourself up, scissor your feet in the air and then land softly, switching your legs. Go back down into another lunge, and repeat. 
9. Burpee pullups
These plyo-adjusted burpees featured on will strengthen your lats. 
Start out standing under a bar, legs shoulder width apart, and then lean down and place your hands on the floor. Kick your feet back, bending at the elbows so you're doing a pushup. Jump your feet back under your hips and stand up, and then jump into the air, bringing your hands over your head, and grab the bar. Do a pullup, descend back down and repeat. 
10. Alternating one-armed pushups 
This amped-up plyo pushup featured on Men's Fitness strengthens your entire upper body.
Get into a pushup position with one hand on the ground, the other on your box or platform (no more than 6 inches high). Do a pushup, but as you press up, spring your upper body up and over the box, landing so that the hand that was on the box is now on the ground, and vice versa. Repeat.

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