Pilates workouts that target the abdominals 

Pilates isn't for the faint of heart, mind or body, but we've found some of the easiest Pilates moves that you can incorporate into your existing workout to help tighten your core. These moves focus on balance and tight execution to maximize performance and results. Best yet, you don't need any equipment other than a towel or a soft yoga mat to lean back on.
Along with a proper diet and a workout routine that focuses on both cardio and strength training, these moves can help you achieve the rock-hard abs you've been working toward. It's also important to note that breathing is a major part of Pilates, so take your time with each precise move. Take a deep breath, and get ready to sweat.
1. Roll-ups 
We're not talking about fruit roll-ups here. This roll-up will tighten your abs and make you sweat.
Shape says to start out lying with your back on a mat, legs extended and toes turned out. Bring your arms straight up over your head toward the ceiling. Then, engaging your core, pull your abs in and roll your body up — keeping your butt and legs still firmly planted on the mat. 
2. Alternating toe touches 
This move requires a bit of choreographing, but it's well worth it for a strengthened core.
Women's Health Magazine says you begin sitting on a mat, legs straight out, toes up, core tight and arms extended out to your sides. Rotate your core to the left, then with your right arm, bend down and press against your left foot while lifting your left arm (which is now behind you) as far up as you can. In three forward “sawing” motions, draw back in your right hip to create diagonal opposition for your oblique abs. Bring yourself back to the starting position, and switch sides.
3. Knee pull-ins
Get in a good stretch while working your abs with this move.
Pop Sugar explains that you need to lie on your back and bring your knees into your chest, fully engaging your abs. If you can manage the stretch, put both your hands on your right leg: right hand on the right ankle, left hand on the right knee. Push your left leg out, stretching it as far as possible but keeping a bit of a bend in the knee. Switch legs and hands, and repeat.
4. Parallel leg stretches 
This exercise featured on Women's Health Magazine helps you achieve rock-hard abs.
Start out in a fetal position on your back — legs tucked up to your chest, hugging your legs with your hands on your ankles and head tucked forward. Then stretch your legs forward and your arms backward — keeping your arms and legs tight and feet and hands pointed. Pull yourself back into the fetal position, and repeat six times. 
5. Criss-cross 
This Pop Sugar move will make you feel the burn and fully engage your abdominal muscles. 
Begin with your back on a mat but with your upper back lifted, knees to your chest, head lifted with hands behind it. With your legs lifted in the air engaging your core, pull your right shoulder toward your left knee, twisting towards the left. Then, when you twist, extend your right leg out at an angle. Switch sides, and repeat.
6. Rond de jambe 
It may mean "round leg" in French, but this move will help eliminate any roundness in your belly.
Shape explains that you begin by lying on a mat, on your right side, with legs extended and stacked on top of one another with heels together. Put your hands behind your head, or extend your right arm and rest your head on it. Extend your leg straight up into the air, then down in front of you (still up off the ground) and start moving it in a circular motion. Finally, move the leg behind you, and then raise it straight up to starting position. Switch sides and repeat.
7. Corkscrew 
It's not time to reach for the wine yet, though this sweat-inducing and core-tightening move might leave you thirsty afterward. 
Women's Health Magazine starts you on a mat on your back with arms by your side. Squeeze legs together, then lift them overhead — lifting your butt off the mat, engaging your core and balancing on the middle of your shoulder blades and the back of your arms. 
With your toes pointed, lean your body to the right.  When your right glute touches the mat, circle your legs to the left. Then, roll on the left side of your body to engage your abs and lift your bottom. Reverse the move and repeat three times.

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