6 barre workouts that target your seat 

Ballerinas may be known for their legs and grace - but those barre exercises do a whole lot of good for their glutes too. With tight, controlled, and choreographed movements these exercises from across the web are going to help you strengthen and tighten your bum and thighs. These exercises also work your core, hips, ankles, feet - which is going to leave you tight, toned, and burning from your waist down.
What's great about these exercises is that you can do them from the comfort of your own home with little equipment. No need to grab the pointed shoes - your yoga pants, a chair, and a mini exercise ball will get you through these ballet inspired moves just fine.
1. Plié on relevé 
This basic ballet move is going to work your ankles and feet as you push up, as well as tighten your core, thighs, and glutes.
Shape says you start this exercise by first starting with your feet in first position - heels together, toes turned out about 45 degrees - with your legs straight and your hands gently holding the top, back of a chair. Posture is key in ballet, so keep your back straight and your core flexed as you push up onto the balls of your feet. Then, plié by bending your knees out over your toes and dropping about half way down. Finally, finish off by straightening your legs, lowering your heels back to the ground into first position.
2. One-legged pulses using ball 
Grab a chair, and a mini exercise ball to work your hips, thighs, and butt in this ballet inspired workout.
Fitness Magazine explains that you start out with the back of the chair facing you, standing knee to knee with your inner thighs tightly pressed. Take your exercise ball and place it behind one of your knees while holding it, then pull your heel up towards your butt - letting the ball go with your hand. You should be standing straight up with good posture and engaging your hamstring as you press your leg into the ball with tiny pulses. Do 10 pulses, then switch legs.
3. Relevé pulses with feet parallel 
This exercise is going fully engage your ankles and feet, while leaving your core, glutes and thighs burning - in the best way.
Shape instructs that you start off with your feet together, legs and knees touching, and your hands holding the back of a chair. You're going to then push up onto the balls of your feet, then bend your knees into a deep plié - do this by lowering your hips as far down as you can - then squeeze your inner thighs together (your knees should still be touching). Lift yourself back halfway up, then return back into the deep plié. That is one rep - and Shape says you should do this 20 times.
4. Bridge pose tuck and squeeze 
Keep your movements short and controlled to maximize the workout on your bum in this barre inspired workout.
Greatist explains that you start out lying with your back on a mat, knees up, and feet flat on the mat. In a very small and controlled movement, push your tailbone out, pull your abs in, squeeze your bum, and lift hips slightly. Your bum shouldn't come more than 2 inches off the ground - this movement is very choreographed and seemingly small but it's going to leave your core and glutes burning.
5. Plié in first and second position 
This exercise is going to tone your hips, thighs, butt and legs with controlled movements.
Fitness Magazine says you need to start out in a modified first position - standing tall, with legs together pull your abs in, ribs up, and keep your core feeling nice and long. Turn your hips slightly outward but keep your legs firmly pressed together as to tighten your glutes. You can grab onto a chair on the side of you with one hand if you need the balance.
Then plié and push back into the starting position - squeezing your butt while lifting back up. Go back halfway down for 10 pulses, then squeeze your butt and push back to the starting position. Lower back down for a 3 count, then lift back up for a count of 1. Repeat this 10 times then reverse it. 
Finally, step into second position - where your legs are slightly wider, and feet turned out - and repeat the same sequence as above this time lifting your heels up when bending, and placing them back on the ground when in second position.
6. Rear lifts in arabesque 
Grab a dumbbell and prepare to sweat in this ballet inspired exercise that targets your glutes, thighs, hips, abs, and upper back.
Shape explains that you start out with a dumbbell in your left hand, standing tall, and your feet together with your right hand on the back of a chair. Push your right leg behind you pointing your toes nice and straight like a ballerina while still touching the floor. Then, bend your left knee and hinge your hips forward - but be sure to keep your back and abs tight while reaching your left arms towards the floor. 
Take your left arm and lift it out to the side of you, and at the same time lift your right leg up into the air - still keeping it straight and toe pointed. Lower your leg and arm, and you've done one rep. Repeat 20 times on each side. 
Resources Greatist, Fitness Magazine, and Shape

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