Yoga poses that will help promote muscle strength 

Yoga is no longer just about meditation and flexibility. Weightlifters, bodybuilders, and exercisers alike are finding that yoga poses have amazing benefits that not only stretch out muscles, but build strength. By conquering your mind, balance, and strength in yoga you can better achieve the goals you've set for yourself in other activities.
While all yoga is great for you, there's 7 yoga poses in particular that are going to help strengthen your muscles, and hopefully make you work out better and safer in your other exercise routines. 
1. Cobra pose
Yoga is great for strength training, and Yoga International says this pose is an amazing exercise for bodybuilders because it opens the chest, and strengthens the spine. But don't worry - this is a great move for you everyday weight trainers too because it also stretches the front of your shoulders and your core meaning you're going to be able to carry more weight, better.
2. Triangle pose 
Breaking Muscle explains that this pose is all about the weight lifting benefits. The triangle pose is going to stretch your hip movement deeper, and really just open you right up. This is going to help you do better kettlebell swings, deadlifts, and also kettlebell windmills.
3. Boat pose 
At first glance the boat pose looks like it's all about your core - but really this pose is going to help you do a whole lot more than that. Yoga Journal explains that this pose also strengthens your hip flexors and spine - and might even help relieve stress and aid digestion.
4. Downward dog 
Downward dog might look like it's all about the spine and hips, but Breaking Muscle explains that this pose is also really beneficial for the ankle and Achilles tendon, which you lean back on while propping your body up. This is going to help build strength and mobility in this injury-prone area.
5. Plank pose 
We all know planks tighten your core, but it's also an amazing exercise to stabilize your spine. A major factor in many workouts is maintaining proper posture, so doing planks can really go a long way in keeping you safe.
Yoga International also says the plank pose is going to condition your shoulders and collarbones which generally don't get worked out well, or very often.
6. Locust pose 
Who knew contorting your body would help improve posture? Yoga Journal says by getting into the lotus position you're going to stand straighter by building strength in your spine as well as your butt, back of your arms, and legs. It's also a great stretch for your chest and belly.
7. Wheel pose 
This pose requires some serious balance - but once you master it you're going to find its super beneficial for your chest, arms, legs, butt and abs. Yoga Journal says this pose really tests your flexibility limits, and is going to strengthen those muscles right up so you can hold this position and other exercises better.

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