The 2-ingredient cream that works wonders on rashes, scars, age spots, and more

It’s that time of year that requires that we protect our skin a little more from the harshness of the sun. If you are looking for a natural, simple solution, then you should definitely check out the perks of using aloe vera and coconut oil to replenish and moisturize your skin. They are each powerful on their own, but when used together, they can tackle even the most difficult skin and nail issues.  
If you want moisturized skin that feels silky soft, then you will definitely want to check out what we’ve discovered about using these two ingredients. Interested to learn more? Read on to see why you need to include aloe vera and coconut oil in your skin treatment routine. 
Benefits of Aloe Vera
According to an article from Weekly Healthy Life, aloe vera can do terrific things for the skin. Some of the advantages include:
• Treat sunburns
• Soothe irritated skin and rashes
• Diminish the appearance of scars and age spots
• Hydrate skin
Benefits of Coconut Oil 
Coconut oil has its own list of advantages. Weekly Healthy Life indicates that the oil can accomplish the following:
• Slow the process of aging
• Make skin soft
• Improve various skin conditions
• Moisturize your hair
Recipe for Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil Moisturizer
As you can see, using either of these ingredients is beneficial, but what is even more amazing is using them together! According to a video posted by ComfortLifeChannel, the recipe for a natural moisturizer only requires three ingredients: aloe vera, coconut oil, and essential oil of your choice. To make, combine two tablespoons (30 mL) coconut oil, three tablespoons (45 mL) aloe vera gel, and three to five drops of essential oil. However, the video warns that you should omit this step if you are a child, pregnant, or nursing. Whip the mixture for a lighter feel on your skin. 
You can purchase aloe vera gel already removed from the plant, or you can opt to do it yourself. According to Little Green Dot, the process is actually very simple. First, your will remove the leaf from the plant. Next, you will cut down the spine of the leaf and then begin removing the rind. Once the gel is exposed, you should fillet it out so that it comes out easily in one large piece. Little Green Dot warns that there is a smelly sap that is found in between the rind and the gel. Rinse that away before using the gel as it can be a skin irritant. 
Why the Recipe is Effective
According to DIY Home Remedy, the combination of aloe vera and coconut oil certainly works wonders for the skin. The moisturizing properties found in both ingredients make it an excellent source of hydration when it comes to your hair and skin. Additionally, the mixture can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fight fungus that can grow on your skin, and can help speed up the recovery time for wounds and minor burns.
What are you waiting for? Try out this mixture on your skin and hair now. You’ll be glad that you did! Don’t forget to share what you learned with your friends. 

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