What milk and strawberries can do for your eyes 

When you are suffering from allergies, a cold, stress, or sinus problems, nothing is worse than the punch that comes with looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing swollen, puffy eyes. You already feel bad and now you look like it too. All About Vision explains that eyes become puffy and swollen when too much fluid accumulates in the skin tissue around the eye. This skin is very thin and therefore even the slightest bit of swelling can have a dramatic appearance. 
Though you may feel at a loss when you wake up in the morning and even the thickest foundation can't conceal your puffy eyes, we're here to tell you there is hope! Bloggers and doctors have discovered a number of home remedies that can help reduce the swelling that causes puffy eyes. While not all of these home remedies will work for everyone, it is likely that at least one will work for you! Try them! You might just look like a million bucks. 
1. Cucumber slices. It's not just for spa ladies in the movies! Cucumber slices really do help to reduce swelling around the eyes. Eye Health Web recommends placing cool cucumber slices over your eyes for 15- 20 minutes. You can also apply a cream with cucumber extract to the skin around your eyes to prevent puffiness. 
2. Tea bags. Black tea contains tannins that can help the fluid build-up around your eyes naturally deflate. Reader's Digest recommends soaking two tea backs in warm water and then letting them chill in the refrigerator. Once they are cold, place the tea bags over your eyes and relax for at least five minutes. 
3. Bananas. Potassium-rich foods like bananas help eliminate excess fluids in your body, including the fluids that build up around your eyes. Make them a part of your daily diet, says Reader's Digest
4. Potato. The starch in potatoes has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce swelling. Home Remedies For Life recommends grating a raw potato and wrapping the grated bits in a clean cloth to make a poultice. Place the poultice over your eyes and rest for 10- 15 minutes. You can also cool raw potato slices in the refrigerator and then place them over your eyes, as you would with cucumber slices. 
5. Egg white. An egg white eye mask can do wonders for puffy eyes and general irritation and inflammation to the skin. Home Remedies For Life suggests whipping two egg whites and then using a cotton ball to apply the whipped whites to closed eyelids. Leave the mask on for five minutes and then rinse with water. You can make the mask extra-effective by adding a few drops of witch hazel, which will help draw out the excess moisture around the eyes. 
6. Strawberries. Everyone's favorite summer fruit has a miracle compound known as alpha-hydroxy, which is known to reduce swelling, says Home Remedies for Life. To use this home remedy, apply slices of cold strawberries to your eyes lids. Lie down for 5- 10 minutes. If you do this daily, you may be able to treat chronic puffiness.
7. Milk. Hello Glow recommends dipping a cotton ball into cold whole milk and then placing the cotton ball on and around the eyelid. This home remedy is effective in shrinking the skin tissue around the eye, and thus reducing puffiness. 
8. Spoons. Teenagers trying to get rid of hickeys know that chilled spoons can help reduce bruising. This method also works for swollen eyes. According to Reader's Digest, placing the bowls of cold spoons over your eyes for just 30 to 60 seconds can have a dramatic effect. 
Even when you are not feeling your best, you can look your best.
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