Acupressure point for cold, chest congestion, thyroid gland balanceĀ 

Colds are no respecters of people and can attack in both summer and winter. When one comes on, people head to the store to get cold and flu medicine. Besides catching colds throughout the year, the American Thyroid Association states that 20 million Americans suffer from thyroid disease.
For those who want to avoid taking medicine to treat the cold symptoms or thyroid issues, Acupressure may be able to help relieve the annoying symptoms. According to Natural Herbal Remedies, acupressure has been around for thousands of years and has been practiced by the ancient Chinese to treat pain and illness.
Which acupressure points may help you relieve colds, chest congestion, and balance the thyroid gland? 
According to Acupressure Points Guide, three great points for fighting colds are the LI4, LI11, and GV24.5. The LI4 "is situated in between the thumb and the index finger . . . on the back of the hand" and is good for fighting a cold. According to Modern Reflexology, the LI4 may also help in controlling hyperthyroidism. A caution is given to pregnant women to not stimulate this point during pregnancy.
Acupressure Points states that LI11 may help with both a cold and fever from a flu. It is"on the outer ending of the elbow crease." Modern Reflexology reports that it may also help regulate the symptoms of hypothyroidism. GV24.5 "is situated exact in the middle of your eyebrows." When stimulated, this may help relieve congestion, a stuffy nose and hypothyroid symptoms.
The Shangri-La of pressure points for cold and thyroid in the world of acupressure appears to be the K27.  
How does the K27 point work? 
Located in the indentation between the breast bone and below the collar bone, recommends pressing this point two to three minutes, three to five times a day. K27 is supposed to relieve "chest congestion, phlegm, coughing, throat spasms, sore throats, shallow or difficult breathing, chest tightness, chest pain . . . and thyroid gland irregularities." 
What else is the K27 point known to help heal?
Besides helping with the thyroid, colds and flu, Herbal Shop points out that K27 may also help relieve anxiety, panic attacks and hiccups. Stimulating the area regularly is supposed to boost your immune system and help you fight off colds and the flu.
What else can you do to relieve chest congestion? 
The Home Remedies Shop recommends some other things you can do at home to relieve chest congestion. Drinking two to three cups of black coffee can help clear up extra mucus. Inhaling boiled vinegar, gargling salt water, drinking lemon water and drinking hot tea with lemon and honey are all other ways in which you may be able to clear up some congestion at home without having to take extra medication.
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