11 benefits of rosemary oil

For years rosemary has been used as an herb in the kitchen. According to the Herb Society of America, rosemary is native to the coastal area of the Mediterranean region. In the time of the early Greeks and Romans, rosemary was made into a garland that was worn upon their heads to increase the memory.
Organic Facts reports that today, rosemary oil is an up and coming essential oil. People are once again recognizing that it is supposed to help improve the memory. It may also help to boost the healing properties of the body. Listed below are 11 unique uses for rosemary oil.
1. Stress and anxiety
Dr. Axe points out that rosemary oil, when inhaled, is supposed to lower people's cortisol levels. He recommends combining lavender oil and rosemary oil to help reduce stress and anxiety.
2. Boost immunity
Mercola.com reports that massaging rosemary oil into the skin helps to reduce cortisol. With the reduction of cortisol, the body is supposed to be able to better fight off sickness and infection.
3. Indigestion
Massaging rosemary oil into the stomach is supposed to help with indigestion, gas, bloating, cramps and constipation.
4. Vaginal infection
Mercola recommends massaging "one to two drops in or around the vagina" to help with infections. It points out to be sure and test for sensitivity ahead of time. 
5. Cellulite
Since rosemary oil is supposed to improve circulation, Natural Living Ideas says to combine two drops of rosemary oil, two drops of fennel oil and 3 tsp. (14.8 ml) of jojoba or olive oil. Rubbing this into the areas with cellulite may help break down the fatty tissue.
6. Stretch marks
Mixing rosemary oil with coconut oil (another oil that may help lighten stretch marks) is reported by Natural Living to help fade stretch marks.
7. Acne
Rosemary combined with castor oil and what is called a carrier oil (jojoba or olive) can be rubbed into the face. Afterwards, clean your face with a warm washcloth. The antibacterial properties of the oil may help reduce the acne on the skin.
8. Hair growth
For those who fight with thinning hair as they age, Dr. Axe recommends massaging rosemary oil directly onto the scalp. The oil may also help reduce dandruff problems.
9. Mouthwash
Many mouthwashes have alcohol in them which actually ends up creating more problems with bad breath. 20 drops of rosemary oil combined with 1 cup of distilled water makes the most of the anti-microbial properties of rosemary. For minty-fresh breath, you can add some peppermint oil to the mix. Natural Living points out that you need to shake the mixture well each time before using.
10. Insecticide
Organic is a big buzz word nowadays. Insects seem to not like rosemary, so combining 20 drops each of rosemary oil, peppermint oil, thyme oil and clove oil in a spray bottle and then filling it the rest of the way with water creates an all-natural insecticide. Be sure to shake the bottle before each use. According to Natural Living, the insecticide is supposed to be safe to spray on people, animals and plants.
11. Mosquito repellent
To repel the pesky blood-suckers, Natural Living states that mixing 10 to 20 drops of rosemary oil into a spray bottle filled with water should keep the pests away. Simply shake and spray. Rosemary is a great herb for cooking. For those who want natural alternatives to deal with stress, health and pests, rosemary may also prove to be an "essential herb" in life. 

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