How to practice shiatsu for stress and anxiety

Japanese Shiatsu is a massage method that has been used for centuries to curb symptoms associated with stress and anxiety. According to an article from Very Well, the name comes from a Japanese term meaning "finger pressure". Essentially, the method focuses on apply pressure to critical parts of the body.
Interested in learning more? Read on to see how you can use some of these techniques for yourself. 
Anxiety Reduction Technique
Anxiety can make it difficult to function throughout the day or have a restful sleep. According to Top 10 Home Remedies, completing the Anxiety Reduction Technique indicates that people who participate in this hand massage say that they are able to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. 
Stress Reduction Technique 
Stress can get in the way of your ability to problem solve or complete everyday tasks. The stress reduction technique described in Top 10 Home Remedies is a fast and effective way to relieve stress so you can get back to living your life. 
3-Point Stress Reduction 
The video by Yasuko Kawamura indicates three ways that you can reduce stress. The areas of focus are:
Face-press two fingers on each side of the bridge of your nose and hold for one minute as your breathe deeply.
Palm-make a closed fist and the press the area where you center finger touches. 
Foot-press upward in small movements in the area on the top of your foot between your first and second toes .
To see a demonstration, please watch the video below. Be sure to share these stress-reducing tips with your friends! 
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