Chair exercises to help you get a flatter stomach 

What if we told you there was a way to flatten your midsection by only using a chair? Seems pretty unbelievable, right? Actually, there are several simple exercises that help tone and tighten your abs by only using a simple chair.
Forget about using complex gym equipment, pull up a seat and get ready to flatten your stomach! Read below for a breakdown of each exercise. 
1. Side body raises
 To effectively complete this exercise, start by standing behind the chair with both of your hands on your back. Bend your knees and reach forward so that your body forms the shape of a seven. Rotate your body so that your torso is turned out. An article from Shape says to make sure that you are actually rotating your shoulders and not just lifting your arm and turning your head. 
2. Knee Pull-ins 
To accomplish this move, an article from Stylecraze says to start by sitting in the chair with your back straight and your shoulders relaxed. Lift your feet off the ground and bring your knees toward your body. You can place your hands on the chair for support. 
3. Leg Lifts
Work your abs and strengthen your legs with this exercise. Start at the the edge of the chair with your knees bent. Place your arms behind you so that they are resting on the chair. Move your buttocks forward so it is not resting on the chair. Straighten your arms and lift your buttocks off of the seat. Raise one leg in the air and alternate each leg with each rep. 
4. Chair plank
To complete this exercise, position your body in a plank position as you lean against the edge of the chair. Be sure to extend your arms and keep your back straight as you hold the pose for 30 seconds. Over time, try to increase your time. 
5. Chair turns
An article from Shape indicates that chair turns, or the seated sprinkler works to strengthen the ab muscles. To start, be seated at the edge of the chair. Clasp your hands together above your head. Twist slightly to the left and hold the position. For the next move, twist even further to the left and hold the move. Repeat for the right side. 
And to think all you need is a simple chair! Be sure to share these simple and effective exercises! 
Resources Shape and Stylecraze does not give medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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