Get strong, lean legs with these 5 exercises 

Those warm summer months are fast approaching and more and more people are hitting the gym in preparation for bikini season. Whether you're looking to get in shape for the sunny weather or for your own health and well-being, there are many fitness routes you can take to get your body looking the way you've always wanted it to.
While gyms offer a myriad of workout options in the form of exercise equipment, they aren't always necessary to getting a good body-toning workout. There are endless exercise routines that can be done in the comfort of your very own home and they work just as well as going to the gym to work with a machine. 
Today, we'll be focusing on simple, yet effective exercises that will help tone your legs. Take a look at the five workouts below and get ready for stronger, better-looking legs. 
1. Kettlebell swing 
Kettlebell swings are a great way to further build muscle in your legs as well as get your heart rate up. According to Women's Health, the exercise begins with a kettlebell held in front of the body with the arm outstretched, then transitions into a swing as one bends at the knees and swings the kettlebell between the legs. To complete the swing, push the hips forward, rise to standing, and swing the kettlebell to chest level. 
2. Side lunge (option to use dumbell) 
Lunges are a good way to feel the burn in the legs and butt. For this side-lunge exercise described by Fitness Magazine, start in a standing position, then lunge to one side, bend at the knees and hips while keeping toes pointed forward and touch the ground. You can use a dumbell while doing this exercise for more of a challenge. 
3. Dumbell squats 
Squats are an integral part of any workout focusing on the legs or butt. Dumbell squats are both easy and effective. To start, hold a dumbell just slightly in front of your chest, making sure to cup the head, as explained by Women's Health. Then, bend at the knees and push the hips back as if sitting in a chair. Rise to standing and repeat. 
4. Thigh lifts 
The following exercise is great for toning those thighs. Featured in Fitness Magazine, the workout requires you to start in a tabletop position on all fours. Then, bend one leg and lift it up in a diagonal motion to the opposite leg, swing it back down and repeat. 
5. Hip raises using ball
Using a Swiss Ball is another excellent method to assist you in toning your body. For this hip raiser exercise, Women's Health instructs to start with shoulders and arms against the ground and feet atop the ball, knees bent. Then, lift and pull one knee into the chest, bring it back down and do it with the other. 
We hope these five exercises help challenge you in your fitness routine!
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