30 day squat challenge with just 5 mins each day

How long do you think it takes tobuild a perfect booty and get in shape? Maybe you think it takes 1 hour in the gym everydaylifting weights and squatting heavy. Well here’s a reality check that willshock you – you can build a better booty exercising for only about 3-5 minutes a dayfor 30 days. Fitness Magazine has stated that there is no better move tohelp tone and tighten the upper legs than the squat.
So if you are up for the challenge, then try your hand at this 30 day squatchallenge. It starts off easy but by the end of the month you are going to betested both physically and mentally. Its not going to be easy but the results aregoing to be amazing and well worth the sweat.
How to properly squat
Before you start this challengethough, you need to make sure you are performing squats with the correcttechnique. Bad form can lead to injuries and other conditions. So avoid these 4squat mistakes as recommended by Warrior Grrrls:
Mistake 1: Curling or arched back
A curled back is the biggestmistake and a dangerous one. You want to keep a flat back that is straightnot arched or curved. A flat back keeps the weight in your legs rather than inyour spine. A curled back puts pressure on the spinal vertebrates, which couldlead to a slipped disk or a knee injury.
Mistake 2: Squats that areshallow
Maximum depth leads to maximumgains when squatting. So you should always aim to squat as low as possible. Try tosquat below knee height.
Mistake 3: Buckling of the knees
It is very easy to overlook theposition of your knees especially when squatting. Your knees sometimes do what they want, like buckling inwards. This pressures the smaller muscles aroundyour knees instead of your larger leg muscles. So you need to always rememberto push your knees outwards when squatting.
Mistake 4: Weight on toes
All your weight needs to be inyour heels not in your toes. Don’t be tempted to lean forwards onto your toesas this will lead to back pain. Weight on your heals pressures the largermuscles of the leg, which is what you want!
Note: Perform each exercise slow and controlled, squeezing the muscles you areworking.
Day 1: 10 squats
Day 2: 10 squats
Day 3: 12 squats
Day 4: Rest
Day 5: 15 squats
Day 6: 15 squats
Day 7: 17 squats
Day 8: Rest
Day 9: 20 squats
Day 10: 20 squats
Day 11: 22 squats
Day 12: Rest
Day 13: 25 squats
Day 14: 25 squats
Day 15: 27 squats
Day 16: Rest
Day 17: 30 squats
Day 18: 30 squats
Day 19: 32 squats
Day 20: Rest
Day 21: 35 squats
Day 22: 40 squats
Day 23: 40 squats
Day 24: Rest
Day 25: 45 squats
Day 26: 45 squats
Day 27: 50 squats
Day 28: 60 squats
Day 29: 70 squats
Day 30: 100 squats
Why should you squat?
According to Mercola, there's numerous benefits to squatting:
1. Helps with bodily fluid movement: This helps your body get rid of excess waste. 
2. Tones your entire body, including abs: The extra muscles built from squats also burn excess fat, even when you are not actively exercising. 
3. Aids in mobility: With squats, you tone and build leg muscles. This is great to help you stay fit and mobile throughout your life. 
You don’t need to spend hours in the gym to reach your goals! All you need is asimple daily workout, like the one above, to achieve great results. So givethis 30 challenge a go, you won’t be disappointed. Happy squatting!
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