6 easy, natural ways to soften those unsightly calluses on your feet

Callouses are unsightly, and often painful, layers of thick skin that develop on the feet or hands. Web MD indicates that callouses form due to the repetition of pressure or friction causing the skin to die and harden as a way to protect the area from further injury. While callouses are common, many people opt to hide the imperfection and not give it much thought.
However, some remedies work to remove callouses and help soothe the pain. Don’t settle for hiding your feet and hands. Instead, employ some of the tips here so that you and feel your best. The remedies described here are simple solutions made with everyday household products. They are just too easy to ignore. 
1. Soaked Bread
Reader’s Digest indicates that bread soaked in vinegar will almost instantaneously remove a callous. Simply soak a half of a piece of bread in the vinegar and place directly on the damaged skin. Wrap the bread in a bandage and cover your foot with a sock. The callous should fall off the next day. 
2. Lemon
Lemon can do more than spritz your water. Lemon peel can be used to remove callouses. Simply place the peel over the callous and secure it overnight. Repeat this method several days in a row and the callous will eventually go away. 
3. Onion
Onion has been used for many years to treat a number of ailments. To use for callouses, simply place an onion in a jar of vinegar and allow it to marinate for several hours. Place the onion on the callous and wrap in a bandage overnight. The callous should be softened by morning for an easy removal. 
4. Castor Oil
To moisturize, soothe, and heal use castor oil on your callous. Apply a small amount on the callous and wrap for overnight. Take care that the oil does not seep through the covering. This mild method can be repeated several times per week. 
5. Epsom Salt
Soaking in Epsom salt will make it easier to scrape the dead skin off formed by the callous. Top 10 Remedies explains the benefits of this solution. Allow feet or hands to soak for 10 minutes in a warm tub of water mixed with a cup of Epsom Salt. While the skin is still warm, gently remove the dead skin with a rough cloth or pumice stone. Repeat this method as needed. 
6. Aspirin
Medicine Net states that salicylic acid aids in the removal of callouses. Aspirin is actually broken down in the body to form this important compound. Create a paste by crushing aspirin and mixing in water and a bit of lemon juice. Apply the paste directly to the skin and wrap and set for 10 minutes. Remove the dead skin and repeat this method every few days. 
Flip-flop season is here. It’s time to take care of those callouses on your feet. Share these simple solutions with your friends
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