10 anti-aging oils for more youthful skin

Many people today desire to look younger, but with Botox injections costing $350 to $500 for each area injected, according to DocShop, a person can spend a small fortune very easily in the search for a younger appearance. Another option besides Botox is having a facelift. Facial Rejuvenation reports that facelift surgery can cost $6,000 to $15,000. Surgery often comes with its own set of risks, and many cannot afford that price either. 
The more cost-effective measures are creams and make-up that are sold in stores. Still, many want a completely natural way to fight the aging process. That is where essential oils comes in. Below are 10 effective anti-aging oils.
1. Jojoba oil
According to Dr. Axe, a certified doctor of natural medicine, as the body ages, the sebaceous glands, which produce natural oils and hydrate the skin, slow down. Jojoba oil replaces the oils without making your skin greasy and rehydrates dry skin. It also helps remove fine lines and slows down the aging process.
2. Frankincense oil 
For those who suffer from sunspots or age spots, Axe states that applying frankincense oil is supposed to be the best at evening out the skin tone. The oil should help lessen deep pitting, deep wrinkles and scars. It is also supposed to help tighten the skin, so using it where the skins is sagging, below the eyes or on the jowls, will help firm it up. The oil is supposed to help improve the elasticity of the skin, too.
3. Lavender oil
Lavender oil is good for reducing aging spots, and Axe recommends mixing it with Frankincense oil and applying it to the skin after a shower, before bed and in the morning.
4. Apricot kernel oil
Dr. Sayed Atalla, a professor of bio-pharmaceutical technology industries, points out that since apricot kernel oil is rich in vitamins A and E, it does a great job of reducing fine lines and wrinkles in the skin. When trying to keep youthful skin, hydration is key, and apricot kernel oil has excellent hydrating properties as well.
5. Sweet almond oil
As you age, your skin loses elasticity. To help restore elasticity, sweet almond oil, which is high in vitamin E and vitamin K, should be applied. Another benefit of this oil that Atalla points out is that it is odorless, so it has appeal to those who have problems with the smell of other oils.
6. Coconut oil
Also containing vitamin E, coconut oil may be useful in fading stretchmarks and preventing cellulite. Medical News Today points out that hormone changes in women may contribute to the formation of cellulite, and Atalla states that coconut oil strengthens the skin and keeps cellulite from forming.
7. Pomegranate oil
Pomegranates are said to be a super food, and both Axe and Atalla agree that pomegranate oil is excellent for helping heal sun-damaged skin. It is also supposed to help improve the elasticity of the skin and slow down the aging process.
8. Cypress oil
Many women worry about varicose veins as they age. To try to reduce the appearance of varicose veins, cypress oil may help. Atalla points out that cypress oil will reduce the appearance of broken capillaries under the skin, too.
9. Geranium oil
Atalla shares that geranium oil is supposed to be effective in fading age spots and scars. As people age, skin tones become uneven. Applying geranium oil should help restore evenness to the skin tones.
10. Argan oil
According to Atalla, argan oil is excellent for improving the elasticity of the skin, removing fine lines and wrinkles, and hydrating skin because it is comprised of mostly fatty acids.
Axe has a recipe that mixes 1/4 ounce each of vitamin E, jojoba oil, frankincense oil, pomegranate oil and lavender oil into a container with a dropper. He recommends applying four to five drops on your face at night and massaging it into the skin. Other recipes call for mixing various oils together and applying a few drops onto the skin and massaging them in. With the option of natural oils to help reduce the appearance of age, Botox may become a thing of the past.

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