Beyonce's Lemonade cleanse can help people lose weight

Dropping those pesky extra few pounds can be a real pain, and as anyone who's tried fad diets knows, it always feels like a losing battle. That doesn't mean healthy weight loss is impossible, though. According to WebMD, the best way to permanently lose weight is to make small lifestyle changes. One easy change anybody could make is replacing one meal with something healthy, like Beyonce's low-calorie lemon drink. 
Why it could work for you
1. It's low in calories.
There are no magical qualities about lemon that make it good for weight loss — it's simply low in calories! Exercise can certainly help weight loss, but it doesn't do much good if you're eating more calories than you're losing, according to WebMD. Lemon is great because it adds lots of flavor with very few calories.
2. It's a metabolism booster.
According to LiveStrong, the active ingredient in cayenne pepper, capsaicin, could potentially boost your metabolism. 
3. You won't skip breakfast.
Like the old saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, many people think they can cut calories by skipping the meal altogether. But Elizabeth Ward, author of The Pocket Idiot's Guide to the New Food Pyramids, told WebMD that people who skip breakfast "usually end up eating more throughout the day."
4. It worked for Beyonce!
WebMD says that Beyonce made the lemon drink famous in 2006 when she claimed it helped her quickly lose 20 pounds for her role in the film Dreamgirls. WebMD also says that a "cleanse" diet of only the drink concoction is dangerous and seriously deficient in essential nutrients. However, you don't need to give up solid food entirely to lose weight; just replacing one meal a day with the "lemonade" will help lower your daily calorie count.
How to make it
* 1/2 lemon or 2 tbsp. lemon juice
* 1-2 tbsp. pure grade B maple syrup
* 1/10 tsp. cayenne pepper 
* 8 oz. purified water 
Replacing one meal or snack with this juice is an easy way to lower your daily calorie intake and possibly stimulate your metabolism!

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