Here are the health risks of sitting too much that most people don't know about

You might know that sitting too much is bad for you, but you likely haven't heard of all the health risks associated with it. And what about the "proper" way to sit? According to an interview with experts done by the Washington Post, one should follow the age-old advice of sitting straight up. 
What are the risks?
1) Organ damage such as heart disease or even cancer
According to the Washington Post, studies link sitting to more easily clogged arteries and more cancer types, such as colon and breast. While experts don't know why this is the case, they suspect it's a result of the excess insulin produced. 
2) Bad back 
This comes as a result of our spine not moving as much as it used to, leading to inflexibility. 
3) Additional pain such as strained neck/shoulders  
4) Leg issues or soft bones 
"Bold often pools in the lower legs, which can cause numbness and varicose veins," reports OC Register
5) Muscle degeneration 
You can say goodbye to abs or really any defined muscle in your body as they go unused. 
6) Higher risk of diabetes 
What is recommended? 
- Keep your body moving! Add exercise to your routine and break up long periods of sitting 
- Adjust your seat (see infographic below)
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