Studies show eating spicy meals can help prolong one's life span

Spicy foods are rather divisive. Some people won't go near a dish with hot peppers of any sort, while others won't eat a dish without some sort of added spice. To each their own — but studies have shown that lovers of spice are reaping some serious benefits. 
An article from "Today Health & Wellness" says that eating spicy food on a regular basis may help you live a longer life. A seven-year study recently concluded and it found that individuals who consumed spicy food six times per week "reduced their risk of death by 14 percent." Similarly, those who ate spicy food twice a week reduced their risk by 10 percent. CNN reports that capsaicin, a common component of chili peppers, seems to have a host of benefits.
In a similar vein, Health states that spicy foods, namely hot peppers, can benefit your heart. Not only are hot peppers filled with antioxidants, but they can reportedly help reduce LDL cholesterol levels — commonly referred to as bad cholesterol. Additionally, peppers can help increase the levels of good HDL cholesterol.
What are some other benefits of eating spicy foods? Most people know that eating spicy foods can help clear your sinuses, but it can also help with metabolic issues. Spicy foods seem to suppress your appetite and fire up calorie-burning rates, according to Health. On top of that, "Today" says that capsaicin can aid in pain relief and may help fight bacteria.
So, the next time you're offered the choice to make a meal spicy, think about the benefits of doing so before immediately rejecting the offer. Who knows? You may just learn to love it.
Resources "Today", Health, and CNN
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