Drink a lot of coffee? Here's what it might be doing to your health

For some people, just the smell of coffee puts them in a good mood. Many have to have that first cup in the morning in order to feel human and begin to function. To satiate the coffee appetite, it can be gotten hot or cold, black or as a latte. Some even drink it in shots.
To borrow an old adage, "You can never get too much of a good thing." Or can you? Is drinking so much coffee having adverse effects on your health? Check out these 6+ things it might be doing to you.
1. Parkinson's. According to the Mayo Clinic, people who drink coffee have a decreased risk of developing Parkinson's Disease.
2. Life expectancy. NBC News reports that drinking coffee appears to lengthen your life expectancy. Whether you're a heavy or light coffee drinker doesn't seem to matter nor whether it is regular or decaffeinated.
3. Melanomas. Coffee appears to reduce the risks of developing melanomas, according to CNN.
4. Depression. If depression is an issue, the Mayo Clinic says that coffee may help with that. The caffeine gives an added boost of energy.
5. Diabetes. NBC News states that studies show coffee drinkers have a reduced risk of diabetes and improves how the insulin the body creates is used.
6. Cognition. The Mayo Clinic reports that coffee also appears to boost cognition and memory in those who consume it.
7. Inflammation. According to NBC News, it reduces inflammation.
8. Alzheimer's. CNN reports that coffee drinkers have a reduced risk of developing Alzheimer's.
As with any good thing, you do need to use caution. Too much regular coffee could cause heart palpitations from the caffeine. If espresso or boiled coffee is your thing, the Mayo Clinic states that it could be elevating your cholesterol levels. If that's not a concern for you, go grab yourself another cup of coffee with a guilt-free conscience.
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